In a foul mood

Dunno why, but I'm in a foul mood today. Played a bit of poker last night and seemed to be a bad beat magnet; lost a hundred bux in no time flat…flop a set, get rivered with a str. Flop two pair, get rivered with a set…I tell you I just can't beat shit luck. So that probably didn't help. Also didn't actually get dinner either, so that is probably adding to my grumpiness…low blood sugar…

Things are pretty tense at home as well. I've pretty much decided that I need to bust out and after 7 years of living together and another year and half before that dating, that's not an easy process. Even if I didn't feel like an ass about the whole situation, just the logistics of extricating 7 years of cohabitation are a mess. It sucks to know that nothing bad is going on, but you've just lost all chemistry and now I've got to figure out which shit is mine and which is hers. Not to mention worrying about how she's going to react. Of course the timing's all fugged up too, what with her going away at the end of the month for a week and her birthday coming up right after that. Not to mention that she is my closest friend in the world regardless of lack of chemistry. Sigh.

And then there's work. Note to managers out there…the way to motivate sales people is NOT to slice up their territory and give it to other people. Especially not right after upping their quota by 400 percent. Not that it's unattainable, it's just a bunch of kicks to the knackers at the same time. I still look forward to coming to work every morning, but it's a bit of a downer to give away 3 of the world's biggest potential customers in the industry. The good news is that the customers I was able to retain are the other 3 biggest in the world.

So let's see… I didn't eat, lost some money, lost some territory but gained some target, going to have to lose a girlfriend and probably in doing so my best friend, my gut hurts and I have a cough. Just a freakin budle of happy happy. I best snap this funk quickly or it's going to grow like a cancer in my brain and put me into a tailspin. Time to sell some product and make some dough!


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