May have found a home…

I went and looked at a suite the other day on the North Shore.  Its a 1 bedroom, about 700 square feet and is laid out pretty nicely.  There is a small balcony, and it comes with heat, water and cable, not to mention skookum underground parking.  And the price is good…under 700 a month.  It allows cats, which is good, and although its a no smoking building, I have the balcony for that.  Lots of closet space too, for my oodles of clothes.

The only downside is that it's in North Vancouver, which means being a slave to the bridge or the seabus.  That's not a major issue I guess…I can deal with it with some minor adjustment.  My thought is move here for a year or so and then get myself a really nice place in either kits or yaletown once my debts are down and my job is secure.  And it might be cool to live on the north shore…it's a whole new world over there.  New places to explore, people to meet, things to do.  And that hill after the seabus ride home will be good excercise….maybe I can drop the extra buoyancy.

Now…if only I can GET the place.  I presented my application and told him I wanted it, but no word yet.  I faxed in the app yesterday morning first thing, and I'm presently waiting with baited breath to find out the results.  I'll call the guy later this morning to see if he's heard anything.


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