Event of the Day today:

Is bad-beats. Played a few little single table tournaments early this morning, and although I was in the money on all of em I lost due to bad beats in every case.

BadBeat #1: Late position, I have AK suited, 6 outta nine players left. I raise preflop 8 times the blinds. Under the gun calls me, putting him in cripple mode and me into third place on the table. Flop comes down kk6 rainbow. UTG goes all in, of course I call. He turns over k2 offsuit so I’m happy. Turn comes a ten; river…of course…a two. I ended up finishing in 3rd.

BadBeat #2: 4 players left in a 9 man, I’m in the chip lead, on the button and blinds are big. I pull pocket tens, so I go all in. Big blind calls all in for him everyone else folds. He has a 89 offsuit (must have thought I was bluffing…either that or he’s just stupid; it’s not like a fold would have crippled him). So I have the overpair and I’m happy. Flop comes 10 j 2. Of course turn and river are 67 so he wins with the str. !!!

BadBeat #3: This is actually two badbeats. After a long hard game we’re down to heads up play and I have a substantial chip lead. I’m big blind and get pocket 8s. Dude goes all in so I cal. He has J4 offsuit. Flop j44…sigh. Now were about even. Next hand, I have AK so I go all in. He calls with q6. Board comes down 8,9,10,j,2. Back to back badbeat straights. D’Oh! I was crippled at that point and went out next hand.

I was in the money in all three games so I didn’t lose anything, and did profit a bit, but jeez!


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