Still no word on the Apt.

And I’m getting stressed about it. These apartment managers either don’t understand or don’t care that when we’re looking for a place, we can’t STOP looking just because we’re waiting for them. The guy is like “call me monday” and I’m like “well, ok, but I can’t not look for a place over the weekend.” He just didn’t seem to get it. As a salesperson, I can’t STAND bad salespeople. If you want to rent me the place, help me out. If you don’t then tell me so. Jeez.

I’m actually kinda scared that I will find a place this weekend that’s just ‘OK’ and end up taking it outta panic, thereby losing the place I really want. Sure, the flip side is that I’ll find a place that’s ‘friggin perfect’ and be glad I looked…but the other is a little niggle in my brain that won’t go away til it’s done one way or the other. The third option is to go into lock mode and not even look this weekend…which brings with it it’s own set of concerns, of course.

I figure I will be stressed out for a while, and it will lower in steps. First, when I find an apartment, a certain amount of stress will dissipate. Then, once I’m basically packed and have all my adresses/hookups arranged a bit more will go. When I move it will shrink some more and then once I’m settled and have a date or two I should be back to normal. The last part of the process may be the longest one, but oh well; I knew what I was signing up for when I made this choice, and now must deal with that however I choose to.

My therapist tells me I need to continue my writing and do things such as that which are looking after ME. This is not rocket science, and I didn’t really need to spend a hundred bux to discover that, but sometimes one needs to have someone tell them what they already knew. So I’m going to attempt to write a bit every day for the next while and see if it helps my stress level. I do know that I’ve relaxed substantially in the ten minutes I’ve been writing this.

Well, I should get back to the apartment hunt…blech.


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