Clean vs dirty

So the chief ( has an interesting post about how to tell the difference in Hong Kong massage parlors between clean massages and rub'n'tugs.  He goes into great detail about how the process occurs in the places, detail that I would assume only comes from experiencing it… 😉  

I was reading his insightful treatise on this matter, and the thought occured to me…why not just ask?  Why go thru all the hassle of putting on the disposable undies and taking a shower and putting on the pj's and end up in the wrong place?  It would sure suck to be looking for massage A and find yourself in the land of Massage B.  Odds are that you'd have to pay something anyways by the time you discovered your error and then you're either 1: paying for two massages or 2: paying for the incorrect massage.  Why not ask the person at the front if it's a family place or a disguised whorehouse?

Just a thought…

On a side note, does anyone know how to insert weblinks into this here word press posting interface?  The button is greyed out on mine so I had to type the whole link in…


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  1. Stephen on

    Because it would take all the fun out of discovering it for yourself! LOL!

    Oh, it should be ShenZhen, not Hong Kong. HK massages are typically clean. ShenZhen is like a backwater town with a modern facade.

  2. twitchy67 on

    Holy cow that was the fastest comment ever! I barely finished typing that post. hehe.

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