Slept in, woke up ill, and another poker story

Rolled over this morning with the sun shining in my eyes and my head beating me up.  Looked at the clock and it was 6:45…D'Oh!  I usually get up at 4:30 to get to work for 6.  Anyways, as I said my head was kicking me in the…uh…the head i guess…so I decided to take this beautiful friday off; not so much playing hooky as working from home.  Call it a mental health day instead of a sick day.  Checked out my work email and dealt with some stuff there and got me some breakfast.  Today is the ex's last day in town; she's flying out east for a holiday for a couple weeks tonight.  So I guess I'm fully single now; she gets back on the 4th and I move then.  Sigh.  Maybe that's why my head hurts:  I know it's done.  

It will be a grand adventure, stepping back into the single life; I haven't dated or any of that for so many years…it will be interesting to say the least.  I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to be starting over as well; thank goodness I look and act 5 or ten years younger than I am hehehe.  Well, act anyways.  But I still have all my hair, and it's still not grey (even if it's chemically enhanced that way a bit…shhh…).  It looks like I did get the suite in North Van after all, so perhaps with walking up that hill everyday after work I will shrink my little belly too.  After that it's a simple back waxing and I'll be the perfect male specimen for your typical 25 year old hottie lol.  

Or not.  But that's ok.  This was my choice and I have to live with whatever consequences there are; good bad or indifferent.  And I'm prepared to.  I'm actually quite excited about being by myself and having the ability to be completely independant.  And with things going well at work right now, I may be financially independant as well in the not too distant future.  We'll see.

Now if only I could get my poker game flying again as well.  I'm not playing particularly badly but man I'm taking some shitluck kicks to the knackers… Last night at doyle's room I played the bounty tournament.  This is a weekly tournament where Doyle Brunson himself plays along with two other well known pros (usually Todd Brunson and Mike Caro).  If you take out one of the 3 you get a bonus of 500 bux, 2 of em 5k and all three 50k.  It's a 50 dollar entry fee and the prize money is pretty good…usually first place is around 6k.

So last night I find myself starting at a table with Doyle himself!  It was pretty cool; I was playing in the presence of greatness.  He chatted a bit so everyone knew he wasn't a bot and there was a guy at the table who had been filming a commercial with him recently and they chatted a bit about that so I figure it really was him.  Even if it wasn't, the idea was pretty cool.   Anyways, back to the game.

I started out first hand on the button, with ace 9 suited.  Generally players at these fall into two categories at the start: super loose or super tight.  With Doyle at the table and everyone gunning to take him out, I figured (correctly) that everyone would play tight until he was in the hand.  There were three callers before me, doyle folded, one more caller then me so I put one raise on it.  the blinds folded but the other 4 guys stayed in.  Flop came down suited with a 9 in the middle (I think it was 6,9 j) but not my suit and under the gun shot out a 2x bet.  I figured ok…I'll see one more.  Turn comes out a jack and it's bet 4x by the first player again.  I folded.  It went on like this for a few hands…probably 3 rounds where I didn't win a hand and Doyle only played his blinds.  I won one with pocket 3s when nobody bet and nobody had anything, so I was up a bit.  

Then…middle position and I get dealt the Brunson (for those who don't know the brunson is 2-10 of clubs.  Any 2-10 suited is generally called the brunson, but the real one is clubs…he won two separate WSOP's with that hand, hence the name).  I sooooo wanted to play it, specially since doyle was in the hand…wouldnt that be sweet…taking out Doyle Brunson at Doyle's Room with Doyle's hand.  The player right before me raised to 300 bux, so I had to fold it.  I even thought about it, but discipline won out over emotion and I made the right move.  Theoretically.  There were 3 callers including doyle.  Flop came down 2, 2, 8!!!!! I was some kinda peeved! Worse, a 10 came on the turn!!!!@##@!$@$  It turned out the original raise had k5 suited and lost the hand.  Doyle lost too…another guy won with 10 ace.  

So opportunity number 1 missed.  I played on a couple of hands and generally just lost single bets and blinds, had absolute crap luck, and doyle was shortstack on our table.  He was down to 900 chips or so, I had 1700.  Next hand was my button and I was feeling pretty good about the opportunity to buy some blinds since I hadn't played in a while; if your table image is correct you can bet any hand at the right time and everyone will fold except monster hands…specially in a midpriced game like this one where there are somewhat better players.  Anyways, my small blind hand ended, and Doyle won the hand putting him at about 1300 chips and…BANG! I get table moved 😦  I was choked.  Not only did I get table moved, but I got table moved into under the gun!  This is a big issue I have with online tourneys…u should never move someone from their button into the blinds.  Tournament directors please take note of this; it is unfair and uncool.

Back to the game.  I get to this new table and get dealt garbage, first to act, so I fold.  The hand plays out and I don't really pay attention cuz I'm still a little peeved.  Now it's my big blind and I get dealt pocket 9s.  This is a pretty darn good hand, but not a monster; it is a good big blind hand.  Action goes around the table with 4 callers and comes to me, and I put a 2 bet raise on hoping and aq or something will throw one more on and I can sneak in with the win.  This was a bad play on my part; I was playing like it was a low limit game; better players would force me or fold.  The proper play from that position would have been to just check and if theres a medium raise go all in, if theres a one bet raise call and if theres an all in, cut and run depending on the player and their stack.  Anyone with a strong but not killer hand might call one, which actually puts me in danger of a lone a,k,q,j or 10 landing giving them the win.  But that's not what stung me.

The shortstack at the table, who I had played before and put a note that he's a chronic bluffer, goes all in.  If I call, I'll be crippled; left with like 250 chips; if I fold I'm not doing too good either.  So I call.  He turns over his 3 4 suited and I do a little happy dance.  Until the flop comes down…k34.  Then an ace.  Now, if a 9 comes I win…if they don't, well…you know.  Of course they don't.

So there I was…after playing well for so long I made one dumb mistake and the mistake isn't even what cost me the hand; it was a worse mistake by the other guy, trying to buy a raised pot and sucking out.  Anyways next hand was my small blind and I had ace 7 so I just raised all in and lost to 10 j who paired up his j and I was done.  Sigh. 

Anyways I went and played a ring game where I did pretty good.  I finally left when I had pocket tens, raised and got 3 people go all in (all fairly short stacks).  I had by far the best hand, but one of the fish caught two pair and I only won the side pot.  I left up double what I came in with, but thought "yup…my luck stinks today, time to quit".  Yet another poker tale of woe… lol
Argg my head still hurts.   


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