Microsoft’s “Me Too” Attempt to Jump into VoIP

Just some links on commentary to MS’s announcement of their upcoming VoIP strategy.  These guys are all way more knowlegable than me, so I’ll let them talk.  🙂

Alec Saunders is the CEO of Iotum…one of the coolest products for productivity ever made.  They build a “Relevance Engine” which promises to manage your phone calls in a way that allow you to recieve the calls you want to recieve when you want to recieve them.  Sort of like an electronic Executive Assistant.  I looked to him for commentary because part of the MS strategy aims at his product specifically.  By the way, I believe Alec is an ex MicroSoftie…someone correct me if I’m wrong on that.  His blog can be found here.  I would say his commentary is the best I’ve seen out of a group of good stuff.

Tom Keating is the founder and CTO at TMC and his comments carry weight with me because he is first and foremost an industry journalist; he is not a competitor or employee of MS, and his writing is very good always.  Tom wrote a great critical piece and did a good job of pointing out the possible shortcomings of the product.  His blog can be found here.

Andy Abramsom is a tech writer who has his ear to the ground.  He used the “Me Too” phrase before me about this, and has quite a direct rant against MS’s inability to innovate any longer, that can be found here.  He doesn’t really talk about the product directly, rather comments on MicroSoft itself and the raft of copycat product they bring out these days.
Not that that’s all that new…has Microsoft EVER created a new idea beyond windows, which was also a copycat of something?  Microsoft’s value is not so much in innovation as it is in mass marketing and integration.


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