Maybe Steve Moore should just…go away…

I saw today that Steve Moore has launched yet another ridiculous lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi. This time for fraud. This is getting stupid.

First off, let me state that I thought the whole incident was UGLY, and don’t condone the behavior of anyone who was involved… A professional athlete should not lose his cool like Bertuzzi did, and discipline should not break down like that. But I gotta say…any sympathy I may have had for Steve Moore and his parents has long since been erased by his lame assed actions since.

I don’t profess to be intimately aware of all the details or more”in the know” than anyone else, but here’s how I see it. Moore, a mediocre player with a possibly long and forgettable career ahead of him at best, makes an illegal, extremely dangerous and (from what I saw) planned hit on a hockey superstar. Your basic run of the mill cheap shot by a weaker player. Moore has to know there’s going to be retaliation, especially since he gets away with it from the NHL’s point of view. Anyone who’s ever played hockey knows that a cheap shot will incur the wrath of the teammates, and a cheap shot against a bona fide superstar makes you an idiot. Specially when it injures him. But I digress.

So retaliation of some kind is due…you just can’t take out a superstar with a bad cheap shot and get away with it. Fast forward a couple of games and the canucks are getting rocked. I would assume that a cheapshot player like moore was probably mouthing off a lot anyways, and aggravating the situation. Bertuzzi finally goes after him, and Moore, being a genius (instead of taking a hit or two like anyone who’s played hockey would do), does the dumbest thing possible…he turtles and collapses with a huge guy behind him (now, there is the possibility that the punch knocked him out and he just fell…but I watched it live and then saw about a billion replays, and it sure didn’t look like a passing out fall). Then all his teammates pile on top of him. I’m about 120% positive that Bertuzzi’s intent was not to break a neck and end a career, but to send a message that a player of the caliber of Steve Moore cannot get away with injuring a player of the caliber of Marcus Naslund.

It was a horrible thing to see and to happen, and I am NOT defending Bertuzzi’s actions; just explaining how it works in hockey. Obviously a superstar power forward like Bertuzzi should not have been the retaliation guy; get a big brawler who doesn’t score goals to do that. Anyways… So Bertuzzi had a brain fart that cost him and the Canucks the rest of the season (and maybe this last one too), cost him a ton of money in legal fees and fines, cost him a huge amount of respect in the fans’ eyes, cost Moore his career, and cost hockey fans everywhere a huge blight on their sport. We know. Enough already. Moore, in his infinite wisdom has it figured out now. “Let’s launch a new lawsuit anytime there’s news about Bertuzzi. That will keep me in everyone’s mind, front and center.” Sorry steve…it does keep you in my mind…as a jerk who’s wasting everyone’s time and doing his best to make sure hockey has a bad name.

Seriously…I felt sorry for him and that career ending series of events at one time, but now he just seems small and petty. Give it a rest. Please.

Flame away, Av’s fans…



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  1. Kelly in Cali on

    That was an awesome post. Moore needs to go figure out if he actually bothered to get a degree while he was at Harvard and get a job in his new profession, say the one that is on his diploma, I’m pretty sure it won’t say, BA of Hockey. Maybe he should go back to Harvard and get a law degree? That would keep him busy for a while.

  2. Mike on

    I agree one hundred percent. I actually ‘googled’ STEVE MOORE GO AWAY just to see if I was the only one who felt this way. It’s like Mike Tyson or OJ, once you have a little spotlight, it’s never enough. I agree, the punch was a cheapshot but one that I had seen before that incident and after it as well. The only difference was that a ‘star’ like Bertuzzi dropped the hammer. I also don’t believe that Bertuzzi ‘drove Moore’s head into the ice’. He KO’d him, then fell on him…simple.

  3. glen on

    more research. less opinion.

    Youtube the video on the moore/naslund hit. no overtly thrown elbows, he didn’t go out of his way to hit him. naslund had just touched the puck, moore hit him cleanly (the nhl agreed… so maybe you should reevaluate the “illegal, dangerous” words from your statement), etc.

    on the bertuzzi hit, he blatantly (even when the rest of his line went to the bench) followed moore until he skated sraight and ‘pop’ hit him from behind. moore’s hit came from a visible place (naslund attempts to dodge it) however, burtuzzi, the complete coward that he is, cannot face his foe when he hits.

    what you oblivious examples of mankind should realize is that what we are talking about is humanity, not hockey. its a sport for christ’s sake. for starters, bertuzzi has never issued a personal apology. if he really felt bad, maybe he should have apologized behind the cameras, instead of for show. secondly, moore was in his third season, however his first full season in the nhl. he was in negotiations for a long term contract in the career he loved. bertuzzi (i blame crawford moreso) took that away from him. not only did a young player lose a potential promising career, but he also lost portions of his memory and his full ability to function as he had before. maybe you should think back to the mcsorley/brasheer incident and rethink what your motives for blame and see where they really are.

    by the way, moore’s third season averaged .21 pts per game, bertuzzi in his third season (after 2 full seasons of experience) averaged .29 pts per game with a worse plus/minus rating. with this you can say that if moore was going to lead a mediocre nhl career, than so has bertuzzi.

    also, try to fall face first, willingly, on to a hard surface and see if you can let your face hit without reaction. you say moore fell on purpose, but i don’t know anyone who let their face hit ice “for show” without trying to cushion the blow first. maybe you should try it, it help the world get rid of another ignorant moron who breeds.

    do more research. have less opinion.


  4. twitchy67 on

    I guess it’s easy to have blinders on and only see one side of the story, especially if you’re a fanboy. Do you think Steve Moore is the only guy in hockey who loved the game and had a career ending injury from someone else’s stupid move?? If you did your own research you find several things.

    First off, Bertuzzi tried to personally apologize several times, beginning right after the incident. This has been well documented. Moore, knowing that he could make more money by milking this than he ever could playing questionable hit hockey, never allowed this.

    Secondly, the hit on Naslund was not elbows up, for sure…it was knee to the head and a charge from 20 or 30 ft away…unfortunately for everyone involved the video evidence was inconclusive to the NHL whether it was intent to injure or not. That’s why he got off scot free. If the hit had been against the boards he woulda got a 10 game suspension at least. In today’s NHL, questionable hits of this nature are a common event, and will continue to be so until someone gets seriously hurt or worse. Guys like Matt Cooke, Sean Avery, Zack Stortini, Steve Downie…and yes, Steve Moore was aiming to be in that group too… these guys’ whole game plan is to hit from behind, and someones gonna get seriously hurt or killed; it almost happened to Mike Modano a few years ago. Bettman’s ill advised Instigator rule is the cause of it; in the old NHL if someone like Moore took a run at a superstar, a goon would be on him in an instant. In my (and I’d think most hockey fans’) mind, a pest player should be more about words and little *non-dangerous* jabs a la Jarkko Ruutu or Alex Burrows. Granted Moore’s hit wasn’t against the boards, but it was dangerous none the less.

    Thirdly…calling Bertuzzi a coward who hits from behind? Apparently you’ve never seen Bertuzzi play, or even the incident in question, cuz there was no cowardice ever in his play. Moore ran away, he should have stood his ground and taken a punch…it’s all he needed to do and it would have saved his career, Bertuzzi’s season, the NHL’s image, and he would have had respect in the league for standing up to a bigger guy…we see smaller guys standing up and losing fights every day in the NHL, but not Steve Moore. He chose to ‘Matt Cooke’ it and run like a coward and got hit from behind.

    Fourth, you blame Crawford more??? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard…there isn’t a coach in the NHL who would verbally or actively suggest that someone ruin someone else’s career. The only thing Crawford could have done differently was keep Bertuzzi on the bench, but then, I’m about 100% sure that when he let him go no one foresaw the consequences. Crow is a lousy coach in today’s NHL, but I’m thinking he’s not a guy who would suggest a serious injury happen to someone else.

    As I said before, I don’t condone ANYONE’s action here…it was a horribly ugly event and no one should have done the things they did. But have some common sense…the crime was done, the time was done, the fine was paid and sadly someone’s career was ended (or at least put on hold for a long long time). Now let it go and get back to life. If every player who was injured to the point they couldn’t come back sued the guy who did it, there wouldn’t be an NHL, there would just be a bunch of lawsuits floating around all the time.

  5. Hockeyguy on

    I have worked out with and met a few of the NHLs old enforcers who could punch 7 times as hard as Bertuzzi and they have said no way you break a guys neck with a punch let alone with a glove on…. it just sad we would not even be talking about this if it wasn’t for the dog pile.

  6. Joe on

    Best wishes to Steve Moore. He was criminally assaulted and deserves compensation. The NHL is ultimately to blame for letting this bush league crap continune to this day. I hope Bertuzzi and Crawford and Burke and the NHL in general suffer as much as Moore did. No amount of money will give Moore his career back, but punishing the NHL for condoning organized muggings under the guise of sport is a good thing. If the NHL can’t police their own crap, then the courts will have to do it! Go Steve!

  7. Alesana on


    I read your post, and completly disagree, his career is over, he probly isnt the one publishing that hes sueing Bertuzzi again, he needs the money cuz he cant do anything to get money, he has a right to sue bertuzzi because that was one of the most cowardly and pathetic things i personally have ever seen. Todd Bertuzzi got a 17 month suspension, but 12 of those months, the NHL wasnt even going on (NHL strike)

    Steve was a great player and deserves compensation for having his career ended shortly and over a stupid fair hit that the canucks took personally, its a contact game, deal with it, you don’t hit someone from behind and you dont smash their face into the ice.

    long story short, you should be ashamed of yourself and Steve Moore has a right to sue and get compensation

  8. twitchy67 on

    Maybe YOU should be ashamed of yourself for telling anyone they should be ashamed of themselves for having a differing view than you. Here are the facts…agree with me or don’t , but don’t sit on a judgement horse and call shame on me because you disagree.
    1: It was an ugly event…nobody did anything correctly. Including and especially bertuzzi…that’s never been my argument. My argument was always that Moore is milking it…if you ever watched hockey you’d have a clue about how often bad things happen in the game and how often career ending injuries occur…either from stupid over aggressive moves or by accident. This one happened to be both of those.
    2: My understanding is that Steve Moore’s neck was not broken. His career is over due to a concussion.
    3: It’s obvious from the video that his face getting smushed into the ice was unintentional. Doesn’t redeem the fact that it happened, but get off your moral soapbox and look at the video before you whine about wrong doings and culpability.
    4: In the NHL they’re ALL great players…even the mediocre ones.
    5: He got compensation for his career being over. You can’t assume he would have had a career more than 1 year after, cuz he could have had a career ending knee, hand, ankle, head, eye, ankle, back issue the very next game. To quote you “it’s a contact game”.

    By the way, HE hit someone from behind, and then ran away from a fight that resulted in him being hit from behind himself with much worse consequences. Hmmm….

    The reality is this people: No one’s going to change my mind that these endless lawsuits are a waste of everyone’s time and a ridiculous black eye on the sport, and anybody who didn’t go to school with Steve Moore or was a member of his fan club is sick to shit of it. As I said in my previous comment, pro athletes have career ending injuries every day…some are caused by someone else, some not. If everyone sued there’d be no pro sports. Never once have I stated that Bertuzzi did a good or valid or even halfway intelligent thing. Just…give up on the lawsuits.

    I doubt i’ll respond to anymore stupid fanboy commentary that touts the “skill” of steve moore and his right to sucking the life out of the game.

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