Congrats to Mark Spencer…But Please lose the IVR chick

…the Digium and asterisk guy, who recently was named to’s 30 under 30 list.  I would think this is a huge honor to someone, and I think it’s well deserved.   For those who don’t know, Askterisk is an open source IP PBX that is in a bazillion or so different enterprises.  I didn’t realize he was so young…kind of makes me wonder what the hell I was doing through my 20’s.  Oh yeah…groupies.  I’m not so depressed any more.  🙂

One comment/question for the asterisk people though:  OMG WHAT IS WITH THE DEFAULT CHICK’S VOICE ON THE IVR??????  Seriously, she has GOT to go…I’m pretty sure it’s someone’s mom or girlfriend and I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but that oily(greasy?)/husky voice is NOT sexy and really quite annoying to me.  It’s one of those sounds that digs into my brain like a dentists drill and just makes me…angry.  Go out and hire a voice actor for crying out loud…we all know you have the revenue to afford it.  Call the Fido lady…she’s got a good voice.  Or the “You have arrived” lady from the rental car GPS.  Please.

Other than that, kudo’s on the award, and thanks for a great product for small/medium enterprises everywhere.


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