Moving the office

Everyone’s pretty excited here at CounterPath, as we have learned that we will be moving to our new digs at 1 Bentall Center sometime in the next month or two. When I started with CounterPath we were XTen and had 2 small offices in Burnaby, with about 15 people.  We moved here to the Sun Tower in January 2005, where we had the 8th floor and 35 or so people.  We have since expanded to take over the 5th floor as well and 55 people, and also have half of the 6th floor for our gym and lounge.  The Sun Tower where we are now is a very cool funky old building, but the neighbourhood is pretty sketchy as we’re right on the edge of the downtown east side.  Many a morning I’ve been standing on the balcony watching a junkie have a freak out, a bust by the SWAT team, crack/heroin hookers looking for a date, or people otherwise limping through all the worst life has to offer.  The parking lot we use is occupied by a group of stairwell dwellers that are just plain creepy (specially at 5:30 AM when they fall into either the “still high on last nights meth” category or the “still on the nod from last night’s junk/alcohol” category).

I may not be printing a pretty picture here, but that’s cuz it isn’t a pretty picture.  I look forward to moving into the new place in a much more comfortable area, but I will miss the girls going to the fourth or 7th floor here for auditions…


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