CounterPath’s new offices!

Duane took a bunch of pics when we went on our tour of the new space yesterday and posted them on his Flickr page. Have a look…it’s suuuhweet! The pics don’t really do the size and coolness of the space justice; we have labs there, a full lounge, some amazing conference rooms, an amazing server room, spiral staircases up to the floor above where part of our team will be. It’s just groovy. Not so hip on the cubicles but we’ll get that sussed once we move in. I guess from my job’s perspective a bit of privacy and cutting down of ambient noise will be nice. Can’t wait to get moved! Feels like that’s all I do lately…but this one I don’t have to decorate!
Pics (again).


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  1. D. Alexander on

    How about some new, up-to-date photos of the new offices, sinceeveryone is settled-in. Please inlude some shots of the suite entrance and the lab(s). Thanks.

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