Cold Decked – What to do when your confidence wanes?

So on Friday I took a trip out to the river rock in Richmond for some no limit live play.  I sat down at the baby table (1-2 no limit) with 140 bux in chips and felt pretty confident.  I gotta say, I had the worst cold deck experience I’ve ever had!  I wasn’t just cold, I was frozen solid.  The worst thing was it was a table full of people who would call down anything, so I couldn’t even bluff any hands.  In 5 hours, my best three hands were a k9 suited, an AK off suit and an A10 suited.  Nothing spectacular thats for sure.  I did have pocket 7s once, but I was short stacked by then and couldn’t really make a strong play with it, specially seeing as it was raised big before me.  I mean, I smooth called it, but with ajj flop and the raise preflop i was out at the flop.
The K9 diamonds was the second hand on the table (they opened the table as I got there, so I was one of the first 10 on that table).  I called a small raise preflop as I was late position, and flopped 3 rags, two of em diamonds.  No action so I put in a 10 dollar bet.  Got 4 callers (!!!).  Turn was another diamond, so I bet 10 again and was down to one caller, the button.  River paired up one of the other cards, and I bet 10 again…button goes all in and I called, reading him for a set.  He was a young guy and didn’t seem real relaxed, so I figured he wasn’t real strong, and certainly didn’t put him on a boat.  He didn’t have a boat, he had ace rag of diamonds.  So I lost about 80 bux first hand I played.  Sigh.

Then…bang! Cold decked for 2 rounds.  2x 2x 2x q4 j3 etc.  Finally I get the a10 suited, and I raise.  3 callers.  Flop, a 10 10.  Woot!  I slow play it and on the river someone bets and I triple raise hoping for a call or reraise (flush on the river).  Everyone folds and I won a 60 dollar pot…not too bad.  So I was back up to about 125, but didn’t see any other hands!  It was brutal.  I did get an AK, as I mentioned above, and raised fairly big with it preflop.  I got 5 callers ffs!  And the flop came 3 rags…5,7, j.  One crazy guy goes all in, and I just couldn’t call that.  Turned out he had 57 and won the pot.  Why he called a 15 dollar raise with 57 is beyond me, but that’s the way the table was.   After that, I didn’t play a hand for 3 hours til the last one, when I was down to about 50 bux and went all in with a9 suited from the button.  Big blind called with aq and of course I lost.  Rather than rebuy i said screw it and went home.  5 hours, 3 hand!  Seriously, wtf?

So after I left I kind of analyzed a bit, and came up with some ideas for next time I get cold decked like that.  First off, I must say that I did fold a few winners preflop…rag hands, small connectors and the like.  Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but me, when I’m cold decked my first instinct is to tighten right up; wait for the cards to change and get better.  But in retrospect, maybe I should have loosened up a bit.  If I’m hitting a few cards, I am happy to play marginal hands once in a while just to change things up a bit.  So why do I not do the same thing when things are going bad?   Obviously it becomes a confidence thing.

I figure if I force myself to play a 57 or something and play it hard perhaps it will turn around the confidence a bit.  After I lost with the AK to the 57, the very next hand I get dealt 57.  Showed the guy next to me, and said “maybe i should call him with his own cards”  (the 57 guy from the other hand had raised to 12 dollars). I folded, and flop came down…57x.  And then another 5 on the river.  So I would have won it.  Confidence!  Dammit…

Of course hindsight is always 20 20, but there were several times friday evening where if I had just called the 2 dollar blind I would have won a pot.  There were also a few times where a well placed raise would probably have stolen some blinds.  And I just didn’t freakin do it!  Cuz I was all ‘fraidy cat because I just wasn’t getting playable cards.  So I made a promise to myself…if I’m decked again, rather than just placidly get blinded out or frustrated and do something stupid (like all in with Ace 9) I will loosen up with hands I call.  If I’m just gonna go home down anyways, why not take a gamble now then; it is, after all, called gambling, no?

I dunno…maybe this is poker 101 and a lesson that I missed or forgot about; but it was a bit of an epiphany for me to come to that thought.  If you’re running bad and going to lose anyways, why not get a bit more aggressive and take some risks?  It works for Gus Hansen, the Grinder, Scotty Nguyen and others…


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