Wooohooo it’s hot!

My Yahoo weather this morning predicted temperatures pushing the 40’s in Vancouver this weekend…er…that’s like 110-115 for you non celsius-ites.  They are saying it will be the hottest days ever here in lotusland…never has it been recorded this hot.  Now, my new apartment is by nature quite hot; it faces west and gets the evening sun, but more than that it gets like zero airflow and for some reason they won’t turn the heat off.  Seriously.

So yesterday I bought myself a fancy new air conditioner.  Well, it’s not new, it’s a slightly used one we had temporarily in the office for the server room.  We no longer use it as the  building’s internal central AC was able to be modified to do what we needed.  So I bought it at a good price and with terms.  It’s a Danby portable one…not a huge amount of cooling power, but I can move it from room to room, and it has a hose to stick out the window for exhaust.

I took it home last night and set it up in my bedroom, sealed up the window above the exhaust hose with a box and cranked it up.  Man, was it nice to sleep in a cool room for the first time in weeks!  I slept as well as I’ve slept in a long time.  Tonight when I get home from work I’ll crank it up again, and then if it’s cool enough in the bedroom i’ll be able to move it to the living room and cool that bit off.  I still don’t have a place to sit, but my little bachelor pad is nice and cool now.  Whee.


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  1. John on

    I’m thinkin of gettin a Danby 1231. Do they really work as well as you say? Do you have to vent yours? Mdel No.? Thx.

  2. twitchy67 on

    Yeah they work ok and yes they need to be vented. It really only cools one room tho, and it never gets icy chilled. For pure freeze out you’re probably better to spend a bit more and get a good quality window one. But for what I need, this one is about perfect. I dunno the model number, it’s the stand up one with wheels. U do need to vent any air-conditioner…the hot air has to go somewhere…

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