Holy Crap…the Holy Grail of hands…my Royal Flush tale

So I’ve played Texas Hold Em poker for about 17 years now.  In that time I’ve hit pairs, sets, boats, quads, straight flushes…every hand but one.  The Royal Flush is akin to the hole in one in golf, except you have better odds of hitting a hole in one.  See in golf, a hole in one comes down mainly to your skill.  A royal flush comes down to card luck.  Sure, skill can affect how much profit you make on it, but actually hitting the hand is purely luck.

Not only have I never hit a royal flush, but I’ve only actually seen them hit a very few times, and generally those are with four board cards.  Well, yesterday…I got one!!  And it paid out huge too!

I was playing a  5 table sit n go on Poker stars, just killing some time between work and beer drinkin.  About midway through the tourney with blinds at 50/100 I get dealt a qa diamonds on the button.  There was a medium raise from an early player who was a bit loose but lucky, and I was fairly flush with chips so I called.  I figured this is a fairly strong hand and the extra chips won’t hurt too bad if i have to cut and run.  Specially against an “any ace” raiser.  Both blinds call, which concerns me a bit, specially seeing as small blind was fairly short stack.  Flop comes down  10j diamonds, ace spade.  It checks around to me, and with top pair and the nut draw I figure a small bet to increase the pot is worthy.  Big blind tosses the small blind calls and the loose guy raises one more; the pot is 1800 chips now.

I’m kind of pot committed at this point I figure…I feel I’m probably in the lead, but the loose guy may have a10 or aj, but I’ve also got the most draws…str, flush, royal, second pair.  So I’m in til the end barring a lower pair up and all in bet.  Of course the loose guy may have a straight already too, but I don’t believe he does or he woulda pushed all in; he just wasn’t that sneaky a player to slow play me.  If anyone was slow playing the str it was probably the small blind.  The turn brought my my royal…k diamond hits the table.  This is online, so I’m outta my chair doing the dance of joy at this point.  It checks around to me and I check as well…last thing I want to do at this point is scare anybody out.

The river card was the best possible card for me profit wise…the 6 of clubs pops out.  A generally useless card, unless you’re up against a noob on the internet.  Small blind checks, loose guy bets half his chips.  Suuhhhweeet!  I typed “First one ever!” as I raise all in, small blind instantly calls and the loose guy throws the rest in.  The cards flip over to show the small blind with a 97 str and the loose guy with an 66.  Funniest thing was the loose guy had typed UL before they flipped.  I poked him a bit by typing “uhhh…no…UL”.  Small blind types from the rail “Damn…I knew I shouldnt have called that…put u on a straight…vnh” and the loose guy types “FU donkey”.

I was a little perplexed why he’d call me a donkey…I didn’t play the hand poorly at all; any conservativeness I had before the royal hit was for the benefit of  the small blind who was a pretty good player, and after was just to gain chips.  I ended up after that hand in a commanding lead of the sit n go with just under 7k chips (next closest was around 4k) and built on that til we hit the final table with me 6k over the nearest competitor (21k vs 15).  I ended up taking back to back bad beats on the final table and came in third.  One was due to a horrible misplay on my part where I let a guy come in with a6 against my 10 10 preflop; i called his small raise rather than forcing him all in which probably would have made him fold.  The other was a short-ish stack’s 44 taking down my kk, which crippled me.  I held out while a couple other guys got railed and then went all in with an a9 offsuit and got beat by aj.

But I got my first royal flush and even tho it only made me 50 bux, I was a happy camper.  Anyone else have royal flush tales?


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