“You quit smoking? Riiiight”

“Neil wanna go for a smoke?”

“No, I quit”

“You quit smoking?  Riiiiiight…”

“No, I did. Really. On the weekend.”

There was a look in his eye that said he was dead serious.  This is an actual conversation I had with Neil earlier this week.  Now I’ve seen Neil quit smoking a few times now, and generally quitting smoking for him means smoking mine and tiffany’s ciggies for 2 or 3 weeks til we stop giving them to him and buys his own.  But this time looks different.  He’s got no patch, seems to not be stressed, and just appears to be a “non-smoker” now.  I was like “WTF?”

Seems he got this book by a guy named Allen Carr called “The Easyway to Quit Smoking” and read it and finished as a non smoker.  I’ve heard about this book before…this guy says he has a 90% success rate, and from all accounts that’s true.  So…I borrowed the book.  I’ll let you all know in one month if it worked.

I’ve been smoking since I was 21. I have constantly congested lungs and a constantly sore throat.  They don’t taste good, and my chest often hurts.  Yet quitting feels impossible.  I am a high risk for a heart attack between the smoking and the questionable diet , and I wheeze…I actually wheeze.  So I know the shit is bad.  I don’t even know why I smoke.  Yet everytime I quit, I fail.  So I’m going to give Allen Carr’s book a go.  I started reading it last night and it seems pretty good…I like his idea of “keep smoking til yer done the book”.  I like that alot.

Anyways watch this space to see the success/failure of this.  🙂


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  1. neil on

    neil here. on day 5.

    definitely no desire to smoke. i get the occasional “oh it’s about smoke time”, then i remember i don’t smoke. not sure what to do with hands while watching TV

    getting crazy sweats at night, even with the AC on. still pretty dehydrated in the mornings. occasional murderous rage pops into my head, esp when driving. other than that, it’s reasonably pleasant.

    lungs feelin better, throat and mouth not tingly like they used to be. getting sense of smell back, though unfortunately i live in East Van, so this isn’t really a good thing.

    good luck Clay!

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