Rockstar: Supernova Revisited

So things have changed a bit since my ranty post about Rockstar.  Ryan has kept improving and appears to have passed people.  They finally got rid of Latin Bjork, and Delana has proven herself out to be a petty little bitch.  I’m actually very surprised that she’s that insecure; I think she blew it last night and cost herself a boatload of fans.  Toby still doesn’t seem right for the band to me…I dunno what that was last night, but if you watched it, he was SOOOO wrong for that song they did.  And it was a pretty cool song.  But he made it suck for me…

Anyways Im going to change my order for top finishers… I now pick #1 and #2 to go to either Ryan or Lukas, and Lukas only if he comes out of the depression he’s seemed to be in for the past 2 weeks.  I think Magni is way too much of a coverband guy; he never seems to do his own thing, tho everything he does he does very well.  I truly do appreciate his style and talent, and he is somewhat compelling to watch…but compelling in the way a cover band is compelling…I have yet to see him do something that’s his own groove and his own schtick.   Everyone else except storm and toby have done those original things.   I think Delana will be looked at in a different light by the band now, after she blew it so bad this week what with dissing everyone and being so defensively insecure.

I dunno…at the end of the day I still don’t really care all that much tho…


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