Thing I didn’t know of the Day-The fat kid in Stand By Me…

…Was Jerry O’Connell. No shit!??!!

I read Wil Wheaton‘s blog most days. Not because I was a big Star Trek TNG fan or anything, but because I got linked to his blog from some poker bloggers I read, and Wil Wheaton is a very good writer. So I check out his blog all the time. His writing is funny, entertaining, well crafted and he does relate alot of poker stories. Today he wrote this funny story about playing “scene it” with his wife and one of the questions turns out to be about his own movie. He relates the story of shooting that scene with Jerry O’Connell and it just surprised me that he was the chubby kid is all; doesn’t look like him at all. The other guys all seemed to grow up in a way that they are still recognizable as “that kid” (well, except river phoenix of course, sadly), but this guy has no correlation.

A useless trivial fact that struck me…

Also congrats to 5 years of the blog to Mr Wheaton.  (Maybe this congrats will get me an invite to the next WWdN private tourney at stars…  😉  )


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