Wierd Thought of the day – Lint

I don’t know why but I get belly button lint. Like every day. I’ve never had a girlfriend gets belly lint. What the hell is causing this? Am I dusty? Do I need to start vacuuming my chest? Why do men get belly lint and women don’t? Is it related to the balls and testosterone? These are important questions and people deserve to know the answers dammit! I also get sock lint. No ass lint tho, thank goodness. I’d hate to have to pick my ass to remove lint.

One day I’m gonna start saving all my belly lint, and when I get enough weave it into fabric and make a sweater or something. I could walk around in my belly lint sweater with pride, knowing that in the most basic, lowest production level I produced this thing from scratch. Me me me. Shit, even the farmer can’t say he did as much to produce his wool sweater, cuz the sheep grew the wool, not him. Everybody’s got to have a goal in life, a dream to fulfil. Mine may well be the famous belly lint sweater. I wonder where I’d store it all…have to find a shoebox or something I guess.

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