Crikey no more – Steve Irwin killed

I was saddened on Sunday to learn that Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was killed.  Although I’ve never been a big fan of nature shows in general, Steve Irwins fearlessness and obvious love of life was infectious to all who saw him, and I was a fan of his energy.  I find it somewhat ironic that after all his death defying actions with some of the most dangerous predators in the world he is killed by a normally very placid animal in what can really be termed a freak accident.

Steve Irwin developed a huge fan base in a short time and became a bit of a pop icon.  His catch phrase became part of the common vernacular and nobody really said anything bad about him (other than that whole incident of feeding the croc while holding his baby which I think was not nearly as dangerous as everyone thought; the man wasn’t stupid or a daredevil) and took nature and the understanding of it to a whole new audience.

As I said, I never considered myself a fan, but I am still saddened to see him go.  I figure he was probably one of the good guys.  You can read more about the incident here.


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  1. Duane on

    I feel exactly the same.. I hate it when nice people die early. John Ritter was another guy that saddened me.. Everyone who know him said he was just the nicest guy.. Everything I’ve read about Steve Irwin is the same.

  2. twitchy67 on

    I totally agree on the John Ritter point…that was a real bummer

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