Jumping back into the dating game…

… So it’s been like 10 years since I’ve “dated”.  Well, being recently single-fied and a somewhat er… excitable male I decided it was time to jump back into that shark tank.  I went on a couple different dates this weekend; all of them different and all of them fun for various reasons.  I wouldn’t say any of them was real spectacular; I am wayyyy outta practice with this kind of thing.

In all three cases everything was casual and relaxed…no pressure needed or wanted on either side and that’s kinda cool.  I have no interest in getting into a long term relationship with anyone; I just want to have some fun and make some new friends.  You don’t realize while you’re in a long term relationship how much your external relationships can get pared down.  Maybe someone of the opposite sex you might be friends with you aren’t because you never have a one on one experience with them.  Maybe people who aren’t part of a couple drift away a bit.

So I went out and saw a couple of people this weekend, and like I said, had some fun.  There was no pressure for anything more than a couple of people hanging out and getting to know each other, and I quite enjoyed that.  I made at least one new friend, and although there isn’t alot of chemistry or physical attraction there, I will hang out with her again.  I’m pretty sure she feels the same.

Meeting people is different than last time I was a single guy;  I’m not much of a partier, and going to the bar to meet people is a somewhat daunting experience for me.  So where does one meet hot single women?  Or even not so hot ones?  This is my new challenge…to find places and ways to meet people with similar lifestyles and interests to me.  At any rate it feels good to be back in the pool, and I just gotta remember how to swim now.  🙂


2 comments so far

  1. Duane on

    Man, you and I just posted similar blog entries.. I’m in the same boat and it’s sinking fast.

  2. Rosie on

    So where did you meet these lovely ladies??! Meeting people is not easier when you’re older.

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