VoIP in Boston: VON notes

So as most people who read my blog know (all 3 of you) last week was VoIP’s big show in Boston. Jeff Pulver once again pulled out all the stops and created a great forum for doing business, meeting some people and learning some things. Although I didn’t get to see much of the show (booth duty and all that) I was able to glean a few snippets from the news wires and the runs through the show floor to make meetings.

First off, CounterPath was EVERYWHERE. I must have seen 25 booths using eyeBeam for demo’s and another 5 or 6 using XLite. Some were branded and some weren’t, but all in all it’s good to know that you work for the company that sets the bar. The bonus for me personally was how many of those people demoing our product were my customers; in a world of “wait” it’s nice to see some of the work you’re doing pay off. We even had a customer inside our booth, which Andy Abramson speaks about here. (By the way Andy…if you read this send me an email and I’ll get you that thing we spoke about at the hotel – you never came by the booth on Thursday). That particular customer involved a certain amount of work from a large number of people on both sides, and seeing as I have been involved in it since day one, I’d like to make sure everyone on both sides gets thanked for stepping up and making it happen.

Jeff Pulver did a really cool thing in one of his many speaking bits where he simulcast part of it in the virtual world of Second Life. The concept is cool to me and generated a certain amount of buzz; if you’re a fan of cyberpunk fiction this is one step closer. Next stop…wet wiring. Jeff came by the booth and took some pictures of our snazzy footwear (photos day 3 about halfway down the page) and we had a nice chat. He is creating a charity poker tournament right now that should be pretty cool…it’s geared at C-level executives in the tech world and will also have a presence from poker god Phil Helmuth and friends.

Alec Saunders and his Iotum crew were omnipresent; I musta seen their shirts walk by me like 284,322 times. From all reports he had a very successful show, and congrats to him for that. It’s always nice to see “good Canadian kids” doing well. Presence is the future of communication, and Iotum has a pretty spanky tool for presence.

Our booth was right across from the Digium/Asterisk booth, and man was that place hopping. I didn’t get as much opportunity to explore it as I would have liked, but everyone in the industry knows how successful they are and how they are changing the SME/SMB/HO space. I bumped into Mark Spencer in an elevator and introduced myself, but didn’t really get to speak much with him as we both had places to be.

Of course lots more newsworthy things happened, but I only have so much time to type πŸ™‚ .

From a strictly having fun point of view, we had a great trip until the previously blogged about travel issues getting home. After setting up the booth on Monday Aaron and I had a bit of time and needed to pick up a couple of miscellaneous things for the display, so we took a cab down to Fenway stadium area. This is right in the center of Boston University land, and let me tell you, it is the land of pretty girls. We walked around for a while and picked up the stuff we desired, saw the big green monster and looked at the aforementioned pretty girls.

Tuesday night I went to a spectacular dinner at the Capitol Grill, where I ate like a king and drank just a bit too much. If you’re ever in Boston and have a couple hundred bux burning a hole in your wallet, go eat here! Fabulous food, great service, spectacular wine list. Definitely worth it. Don’t go if your a vegetarian tho… After the Capitol Grill we met up with the rest of the CounterPath crew at an Irish Pub somewhere nearby. The drinks had been flowing for awhile, and everyone was feeling pretty good (although not the next day so much). Had a slight incident there which I won’t speak about, but other than that it was all good. Check Duane’s flicker site for some pics.

Due to hangovers and general exhaustion, Wednesday was pretty uneventful for most of us, although I did have some great pizza. Thursday of course was homeward bound and our Air Canada “Charlie Foxtrot”, and now here I am, back in the saddle.

Uh…kind of an abridged ending here as I have some work to do now… πŸ˜‰


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