Funny Anti-Mac vid of the day and SoulCoughing and Pandora

Thanks to Wil Wheaton for pointing me at this funny little [adult swim] bumper.  If you’ve ever had the dual boot joy of working with both Mac and Windows OS you’ll see the humour in this.

A side note on the main part of Wil’s post…I’ve used the music genome project in the past, and I’m embarassed yet pleasantly surprised to see Pandora.  This stuff is the shizz…

I actually glommed on to Wil’s post because of the whole “Soul Coughing” reference…(BTW that’s twice now that Wil Wheaton has made a music related post that caught my eye…the dude’s got good taste in tuneage) I always introduce Soul Coughing as “the best band you’ve never heard of” when I introduce them to someone new.  I actually first heard of them about 1999 or 2000 when a little local band I’d run into a couple times before named Nickleback was playing at Grouse Mountain for Canada Day and did a cover of Super Bon Bon.  I had a little chat with one of the guys in the band after the set and asked what that song was and he told me so I went and bought that album and thru that went back and bought the other two.  I dunno maybe it’s different in the states but no one up here has really heard of them much.
Anyways, here is the video about the Macs and Windows:


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