Good Ol’ Supernova (sorry Rockstar: Supernova)

Man it’s just tragic for Lukas. By winning rockstar he actually lost, I’m pretty sure of it. I just don’t see this band lasting past one album and tour. Delana and Storm and Ryan Starr will probably all become quite successful in their own right, but Lukas who was the most real and original of all of them may be doomed to short lived career as a contest winner sucked into a corporate machine TV machine. Hopefully he can use this opportunity as a springboard to create his own story and not do this tour and then continue his career as “Rockstar:Supernova winner Lukas Rossi”. Cuz if he does that he’s doomed to playing small clubs in middle america for the big hair crowd.

At the end of the day the real winners here were Dave and the big sponsors. And possibly Gilby Clark who gets his name known again. Dave produced the show, and wins another season (hopefully he’ll build a better band this time). The fact that they had to change their name AFTER the season shows that someone didn’t do their homework very well, and the fact that they went with Rockstar: supernova just accentuates the contrived aspect of the band. At it’s root, this is nothing more than a manufactured boy band. Except that they write their own tunes, so I guess that’s one point for them. Unfortunately the songs that I’ve heard haven’t been all that great. Not saying that I could write better ones, but then, I’m a sales guy, not a professional songwriter. I am, however, a hobbyist musician and (more importantly) a music fan, and a good song is a good song whether it was written by the unbathed hippy singing in the local coffee shop or by Mick and Keith.

I was, from the start of the season, a fan of Lukas Rossi. I figured on the first episode that it would come down to him or Delana, and I was right. I changed my opinion of who would win a few times during the season as evidenced by some of my other blogs, but in the end my first call was the correct one. I thought from the start that Lukas showed a real kind of rock star presence and originality and more than anything that he lived and believed his schtick. This was the weakness of most of the others…they weren’t real. Magni and Toby were great examples of that… both were excellent singers and entertainers but both really looked like coverband guys (elite coverband guys, mind you, but coverband all the same), and Toby was all about the cheap gimmicks. In my youth when I was serious about music I spent many hours analyzing stage presence and moves, and you could see that in alot of the kids on rockstar.

I don’t know why I have such a bad taste in my mouth about this band; as I’ve mentioned before I am fans of all the musicians in it. I guess it just comes down to the settlement in the name case and that it feels so contrived now. I would love to see these guys become a real band and go on for a few years, but it just seems improbable to me right now. Jason Newstead is a hard rocking guy with a huge kind of restrained rage presence (if that makes sense) , Tommy Lee is a party boy who loves to be the center of attention, and Gilby Clark is a fine guitar player but no huge rockstar. And Lukas is a modern rock emo punk. I guess the results will be shown in the tour, but I have a hard time getting my head around how its going to work.

Just my opinion, no hate mail please. 🙂


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