The World Farewell Tour! Final show tonite in Vancouver!!!

So as of about midnight tonite a major part of the last several years of my life is ending. My band will be dissolving as our singer is moving to Ottawa on Sunday. This is much sadness, but it’s cool. I’m sure I’ll find another band to play with, but these are guys I’ve known for almost 30 years (seriously!) and played music on and off with for 15. This band in its current make up and song list has been together for 5 or 6 years (although our bass player did change, it changed from one guy we’ve known and jammed with for years to another guy we’ve known and jammed with for years.

So tonight is the Yard Bin farewell tour, and if you’re in Vancouver come check it out at the Marine Club (573 Homer St) . There are three acts…first up is Benjamin Keith who will be doing an acoustic set. We’ll be on second (10:45-ish) and we’re a loud rock and roll act. Finishing the night will be a heavier band we know named Covered Red. All three acts are original music so don’t expect to hear your favorite song… well, you might hear your NEW favorite song at some point…

Anyways if you’re in Vancouver come check it out…the club is fairly small with a pool table in the back and real laid back vibe. Plus…no cover…woot.



4 comments so far

  1. […] Is playing tonight. You can read about it on his blog. Show starts around 10pm I think. […]

  2. Duane on

    Hey, I put photos up on my flickr account. Check them out via my web page.

  3. mel on

    Thanks Clay, fun show!

  4. twitchy67 on

    Thank you for coming out Mel. It was nice to meet you.

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