The Yardbin Swan Song

So Friday night was our last gig as a band.  We had a few people show up, and had a pretty good time all around.  Benjamin Keith went up first and did an acoustic set.  This kid’s someone to watch I think…very good singer and fairly charismatic.  His songwriting skills were right up there too.   He was able to sell a CD at the show and I think he got a paid gig out of it too, which is good cuz he’s doing music full time.   Of course we didn’t pay him jack…  but he knew that coming in.  Anyways, check out his site and give him some props.   Now if only he’d stop leading off with a cover song…
The Marine Club is a fairly small room with a small stage and not much in the way of PA.  Vocals and kick drum and bass guitar thru the PA, guitars are live.  That kind of setup is both good and bad:   good because I control my own levels, bad because…I control my own levels.  Guitar players by nature like to be the loudest guy in the band.  Guitar players who are aware of this tend to overcompensate end up not loud enough.   But I think we muddled thru with the mix.  The set went pretty well considering both the singer and the bass player were underwater with a crazy head flu.  Which, by the way, I seem to get to enjoy today.   Once you get on stage tho, your body ailments disappear and you get into performance mode.

We went out to have fun with it and make it a party.  We weren’t changing the world or re-inventing anything, we were being loud and obnoxious and having fun.  I’d like to think the crowd we had there dug it too.  I had my regular stage jitters for the first few songs (a bit amplified cuz a good portion of the crowd were my co-workers) but playe d alright.  Kept my head down a bit too much as evidenced by the pics Duane took.  I HATE shoegazer guitarists hehe.  It’s funny…I spent the last two weeks running through all the songs at home practicing looking anywhere but my fretboard…got up on stage and stared at my fretboard.  Sigh.  It got better as I warmed up tho.  Greg on drums was solid as a rock; probably played as well as I’ve ever heard him live.  The time we spent on drums in the recording studio the past couple weeks has paid off I’d say.

We played about an hour and then left for the third band to come on.  Except the third band never showed.  So if you see Covered Red anywhere tell them they suck.  Seriously…that is the worst thing possible; gigs are pretty rare in this city and to just not show as an original band makes you look like a bunch of wankers.  I can’t imagine just plain not showing up for a gig; if something happened on the way a phone call would have sufficed…shit DOES happen sometimes.  But a full out no-show makes you losers.

It was a bonus for us tho…we got to play an extra half a set.   Which woulda been good if we had more than 17 songs stage ready…hehe.  I was up for jamming out a few that we have that maybe aren’t complete, but jamming is very difficult for a singer, and with both him and Mark a bit sick it probably would have been work for both of them.  So we did a couple songs we hadn’t done before and played a couple of the others over.  All in all it was a grand time.  I hope the people who came out had some fun.

It was a bittersweet night tho.  As Darrin moved to Ottawa on Sunday, this is probably the last time I’ll get to play live with him.  We have jammed and written together in various bands for 15 years; most every song we played was written by the two of us with the exception of a couple that came from old bands of mine and a couple that came from old bands of his.  Generally I come up with a guitar part and a melody he does lyrics.  Sometimes I have input to the lyrics, often he comes up with the melody or the arrangement.  We are presently recording songs, and we can do that on opposite sides of the country as the drums and scratch tracks are in now.  But i’m gonna miss jamming with him.

Anyways thanks to the 8 or so CounterPath people who came out and brought friends, Duane’s friend Mel who brought a couple friends, the people from Suite Dreams who came out and the hot girl from Darrins school (sorry I don’t know her name…dammit) .  It’s never fun without a crowd and it’s even more fun when it’s a friendly crowd.


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  1. tiffany on

    thanks for… um… not mentioning my serious lack of couth for the evening… word on the street is i harrassed the band a wee bit? hehehe… all in good fun, my friend. i *think* i enjoyed your show. 😉

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