4 Days Caffeine Free – 4 days with the flu (but they’re not related)

So after Duane blogged that I told him to quit caffeine and so he did (by the way, the truth is I told him to quit Diet Coke, not caffeine specifically) I decided I should too. So I did. I decided last Friday that Sunday would be my last caffeine for at least a month. Monday came and even tho I knew the flu was coming and it was gonna hurt, I got up and had no caffeine. No coffee, no cola, no mountain dew. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not quitting specifically for 1 month…I’m not going to allow myself caffeine for a month and then I will continue to stay off it for the most part. I may have the odd diet coke here and there after that month. Or maybe not…I’m digging the fresca right now.

Monday was a painful day; on top of the expected caffeine headache, I had the flu hitting me pretty hard so I had a fever headache too. I left work at like 2 PM and struggled home, popped a couple tylenol and basically went to bed. Even missed prison break! Tuesday I got up at 4:30 for work but it felt like somebody was repetitively smashing a large heavy object into my skull, so I took the day off. Spent the morning in bed and then got up and went to previously set doctors appointment. Where I caught shit for going while sick. If you can’t go to the doctors when yer sick where can you go? Tuesday night I must have sweated out 4 or 5 pounds when the fever broke.

I decided to take yesterday off too as it’s quarter end and I didn’t want to infect the whole office during this month; I worked from home, and the fever broke a couple more times. Man did I sweat. Lost a bunch of money playing poker too…note to self…don’t play when your brain is fuzzy. Stayed up a bit later than usual last night to watch Lost, and woke up this morning feeling marginally better so I came into work.

So now it’s day 4 with no caffeine and day 4 with the flu. I’m feeling pretty good about the no caffeine; it’s really not that difficult except…I love coffee. As part of my plan to quit I decided that I wouldn’t even have decaf for at least a week cuz I know that there are trace amounts in decaf and I want to completely remove myself of it.

But holy crap do I ever want a cup of coffee! I got into work at 6:30, before most everyone else and I’ve watched people stroll in for the past 3 hours with their coffees and a little pang of homesickness hits me each time. But it’s not that hard that I’ve broken yet. Someone just came by my desk and said “you want a coffee?” and I responded in a small hoarse voice “yes…but no”. Then I wept softly. I don’t think it’s the caffeine I’m craving so much as the habit of starting my day with an “extra large double double”. I dunno if an “extra large double double decaf” will have the same joy for me, but I’ll find out on Monday.

The one thing I’m happy about is those weekend mornings where I sleep in and used to wake up with a caffeine headache. See throughout the week I wake up at 4:30 AM…Friday nights I tend to be up til like 3 AM and then sleep till like 11 AM saturday mornings. So I used to wake up every Saturday with a caffeine withdrawal headache. But no more, I say.

Anyways we’ll see how it goes. Since I failed on my quit smoking try I figure I’ll do this first and then read the quit smoking book again and see if I can make it work this time.


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  1. Rosie on

    Aw, I hope you’re fully recovered soon!!

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