De-Caffeinated Me and Thanksgiving weekend…

So here I am on day 8 of no caffeine.  I can’t say that I really notice a huge difference in my life or my wellbeing yet, but I have been able to wake up with no problem the past few days.  I don’t know if that’s ever been a big issue for me tho, so the jury’s still out.  I have saved about 40 bux on coffees and diet cokes, although I seem to be spending a bit more on bottled water, Fresca and Sprite.    Overall my pop intake has been cut down substantially, and that can only be good.  I know my guts feel better.

This weekend was Canada’s Thanksgiving, so I had yesterday off work.  Except I worked from home all day.  On Saturday I was in the studio recording some guitar tracks.  Took me 4 hours to get 2 tracks down, but the guitar sounds great on those two tracks.  I also recorded the background vocals on both of them, so that added a bit to the time.  If yer a local musician and looking for a great studio run by a great guy with a great ear, contact Vic at Hush Studios.   He can dial in tones very quickly and has a huge reference base.  I would say “I’m looking for a tone like so and so” and he’d be like “OK we’ll use this amp and this amp and mic it this way” and BOOM! he had the sound I said.  Very impressive.  After I left the studio I went up to the video store on the way home and rented XMen Last Stand.  It was alright…didn’t knock me over or anything.

Sunday I got up and after puttering around the apartment a bit, I went for a walk.  The video store is on 17th and Lonsdale, so I walked up the hill to there, then continued on to a coffee shop up there I frequent where I ordered myself a decaf Americano.  It was ok.  I sat and read the paper and drank my decaf and looked at pretty girls for a while and then decided to walk home.  So I walked down the hill on lonsdale and just kept going.  I got to third and decided I’d walk down to Cap mall for lunch.  It’s a fair walk, maybe a mile and a half.  I took my time and explored some of the little commercial areas along the way.  Didn’t see anything all that exciting.  Had my lunch in the mall, grabbed an overpriced bottle of water and started up the big hill back home.   All in all it was a great walk, and I worked up quite a sweat by the time I got home (it’s quite a long, steep hill and it was a nice indian summer day).

My thanksgiving dinner consisted of a Spam and cheese sandwich and a beer while I watched the Canucks get beat by the Avalanche.  As I ate my spamwich it really occured to me that I have no reasons to stay here in Vancouver.  It was Thanksgiving and I felt very alone, probably more alone than I have since I broke up with Sylvie.   I got a little melancholy and started thinking again about moving to the US for work.  I figured, well it will be mighty lonely there at first, but what’s the difference if I’m sitting at home alone in Vancouver or in Philadelphia/New York/Boston?  At least there I’d be on an adventure of some kind.  Still not really decided, but I’m leaning a bit more towards “move” right now.

Monday was pretty uneventful…got up around 8 and did a bit of work for a few hours, drank some more beer, played a bit of guitar, that’s about it.  Went for a short walk for lunch and ended up at a little cafe where I had a yummy smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich.  And a decaf americano hehe.  Went to watch prison break last night but it turned out to be a rerun, so I just went to bed early-ish and that was it.  I woke up this morning, and, oddly enough, had no desire for a cigarette until I got to work.  Interesting…I’m wondering if there’s a correlation between the no-caffeine and the urge to smoke.  I’m gonna watch that for a few days and see.  Maybe tomorrow I just won’t want a smoke at all…


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  1. Duane on

    It’s just attitude. You always have more fun when you travel, because in your head you need to do lots in a short amount of time, so you’re generally upbeat and excited about things. Here, it’s easy to get apathetic and not do anything. Just make a point of going out a few times a week and mix it up a bit. I bet you’ll meet lots of new people and start feeling a bit better.

  2. tiffany on

    on the caffeine note, check out this site:

    there are some interesting links / information on there… 🙂

  3. Liz Waldner on

    no caffeine? wow..i couldn’t do er i don’t think 🙂

    i’m a extra large cafe moca, no topping.

  4. Cage on

    Come to Philly; rest assured, my family would never let you face a Spam sandwich on American Thanksgiving…if you hurry you can still make it; Nov. 23rd.

  5. twitchy67 on

    Heh cage I may just take you up on that offer…. thanks for all the links by the way; they’ve been very helpful in my research!

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