Whoops…GAH! Drank a coffee…

So yesterday I was at work and Brock decided he wanted to go grab a Tim double double (uh…coffee for all you non-initiated).  As it’s right by a drugstore and I needed a pack of ciggies I went with him.  He waited in the Tim line while I grabbed my smokes and once I had them I joined him in the line.  We got to the front and without even thinking about it I ordered my usual extra large 2 and 4 (yes, I know…i like it sweet).  As we walked back to the office it hit me that I was drinking a coffee…as in caffeine.  Whoops.

I didn’t say anything about it; I figured “ah whatever”, one coffee’s no big deal.  I will say, that coffee was GOOOOD.  Nectar of the gods!  After 10 days of the odd decaf but that’s about it, a real coffee just tastes so yummy; there is a difference in the taste regardless of what people may tell you (of course, I’m one of those people who can tell the difference between coke and pepsi or different ginger ales).  A great decaf americano from  a real coffee shop is about as good as your average donut shop regular coffee, but costs 3 times as much.  Doesn’t taste the same but has as much flavor.  A donut shop decaf tastes like a bad coffee.

Anyways, after my accidental coffee I was bouncing off the walls at work.  Man if talking was a race, I was winning yesterday morning, let me tell you!  I wasn’t particularly spinny, just uber fast.  I didn’t have a racing heart or anything like that, although I did get a bit of a head rush at first.  But my brain! Holy crap…it was in high gear.  At around noon I came down and it was just another normal afternoon; worked my tail off and went home around 4 where I had no more caffeine.

This morning I drove to work instead of walking as I slept in a bit and would have missed my seabus.  Hrmm…coffee yesterday, slept in today.  Coincidence?  I think not…  Anyways I stopped at Tim Horton’s and grabbed myself a decaf and  am back on the no caffeine trip.  Ten days without and then 1 coffee…not so bad I figure, although my plan was to go for a month.  But I’m not too worried about it; i’m not craving caffeine like I was and overall I’m going to continue to stay off it.  I must say that quitting caffeine has been quite easy overall, other than just plain forgetting yesterday.  My big intake of caffeine was the diet coke and coffee, and with drinking decaf I haven’t had many cups of that and of course the diet coke I’ve quit completely.


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  1. Rosie on

    Cigs?? Hmmm.

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