No Invites?? What the heck!!??!!

How did this happen? It’s Saturday night before Halloween and I didn’t get invited to a single halloween party!!! OMFG!!!!! This is like the first time in 15 years that I haven’t had a halloween party to go to! I guess it’s ok cuz I don’t have a costume prepared, but…damn!

I don’t even know where the halloween parties are this year. I would call some of the dudes from work, or some of my music friends, except it’s like 8 PM and they’re probably all out already. How did I not get in the groove for this? How did I respond on blogs about halloween costumes this week and still not clue in that I should find a party to attend or at least think about my own costume. I mean, I’ve been busy at work, but not that busy, have I?

Lol…what a moron I am. Well, I guess it’s a night of beer and dvd’s for me. Damn damn damn!!



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  1. Cage on

    So what did you watch? I watched the Gladiator…not by choice…I conceded to another family member.

  2. twitchy67 on

    In my continuing quest to catch up on TV shows I missed during my years with the ex I purchased Season 1 of Smallville a while back and watched some of that.

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