A Little Rant on Violent Actions…

So it’s been a few days since I last posted; I’ve been a bit under water, as they say, and have had trouble finding time. Yesterday was a crappy day; it seemed like bad news piled on bad news which was stacked on crappy news and depressing information. It’s not often that all the stars align in such a way that every interaction one has is negative, but when they do…whoooohooo. The fun begins.

I won’t bore anyone with all the sordid details about my bad day experiences. What I want to bore you with is a rant about the growing violence in this city.

I had been wondering why I haven’t been able to get into Duane’s blog for a few days…figured he was off on holidays again or on a business trip somewhere perhaps (considering he works like 40 feet away from me, you’d figure I would know these things). No, it turns out he was in the hospital after getting pummeled by some punks for asking them to stop hassling some girls. This is becoming a weekly (if not nightly) occurence in Vancouver. There seems to be a plethora of young swinging dicks who believe that the true measure of toughness is jumping somebody 4 on 1. These useless tools are all pussies individually and would probably run from your average 16 year old girl if she threatened them. They must be…I can see no other reason why they need to gang up on someone like that.

This is not an isolated incident. Every couple of days there is something in the paper or on the news about someone getting beat within an inch of their lives or beyond that, often for doing nothing more contentious than being in the wrong place. Last year there was a gas station attendant in richmond who saw a girl getting beaten by her asshole. I mean supposed boyfriend. He goes out to stop it and ends up getting beat about the head with a cement block for his troubles. He gets like a million stitches and has some brain damage for the incident; that will be with him for life. The loser who did it? A little slap on the wrist and some bad press. He may have gone to jail for a few months. Nice. So…hits someone with a brick and gets a few months. It’s especially nice that he not only hit this kid with a brick, he was beating up his girlfriend. Real quality human, that.

Just a few weeks ago, a homeowner in an East Van neighbourhood goes outside to ask some people to not screech their tires and drive dangerously in his area (apparently they had been doing this for a while).  They respond like any normal person would…by surrounding him and then hitting him with a golf club hard enough that part of it is embedded in his skull.  Huh?  Last I heard about this one they hadn’t caught them yet.  The guy was recovering when I last heard anything about it, which is good.  But seriously…a gang of 20 year olds needs a golf club (and the gang itself) to subdue a middle aged guy?  Who came out to TALK to them?  WTF?  What a bunch of losers!

This culture of violence seems to have sprung up over the past few years here and it’s quite disturbing. It’s the result of a couple things….nutless legislators (and a weak judges) who let these tools off with a slap on the wrist, and a complete loss of ownership in society. A buddy of mine used to say “there is no honor anymore” and it feels true somedays. Nobody takes ownership for their own actions. “Waaah my parents were mean, my friends are bad influences, it was the crystal meth, I’m dyslexic waah waah waah”. You know what? Blow me. Get support about your parents. Get better friends. Don’t start the meth in the first place. At the end of the day, YOU did the crime and stop blaming everyone and everything else. So between a justice system that only seems to penalize victimless crimes and this culture of non-culpability, more and more people seem to be growing up with the idea that it’s ok to solve problems with weapons.

Now, obviously it’s not so black and white as all this; the justice system has it’s issues, prisons are overcrowded, the family unit has been reduced to a conditional relationship and the education system and political correctness have eradicated those harsh painful lessons that some of us got as kids. Some people just don’t know that consequences from actions can be debilitating. It’s like the old joke about how when we were kids we had all these dangerous situations like metal playgrounds with cement bottoms and schoolyard hockey games with injuries and got spankings and sat in a rickety wooden high chair and still grew up ok. I believe it’s true. When I was in elementary school there was rarely a week that some kid in the school didn’t have a cast on his/her arm or leg. There was the odd kid who had a glass eye or something from a serious accident. It was just a fact of life, and everyone learned from it; there can be very painful and debilitating consequences to certain actions. Now kids are so sheltered that they just don’t know that broken legs or arms happen, that concussions happen, and they don’t know that those things hurt alot and cost you quality of life for a certain amount of time. Also,although I can’t say I’m a supporter of striking a child, there are ways to discipline kids and educate them.
I don’t know, maybe I’m out to lunch here. Maybe I’m just getting old and out of touch. But it just seems that education of the key tenets of responsibility, respect and visibility to consequences are gone from growing up for a larger section of the population than I ever remember. These assmonkeys who feel the need to go 4 vs 1 on someone to win a fight, and then kick someone who’s already down in the head seem to be missing a part. What is wrong with people like this?

Anyways, I wish Duane well and hope to see him back at work soon. For the losers who did the jumping, well, maybe you should just do us all a favor and stop wasting our air.


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  1. Cage on

    I second your sentiments.

  2. Duane on

    Thanks for the well wishes.. Slow and steady..

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