Soundtrack 11-09-2006 – Billy Talent II

Billy Talent is one of my guilty pleasures.  I have both their Cd’s and think they’re a great bit of rock and roll.   It’s loud, aggressive, and these guys are great live too.  They are touring the north eastern US right now, and if you have a chance and are into punky pop, check it out.  From all reports, the band are all class guys too.  They’ve been around since the mid 90’s and only really gotten big the past couple of years.  To top it all off, guitarist Ian Dsa has funky hair.

Billy Talent for me falls into a group of bands that I like just because they totally “get” the rock and roll thing; they don’t try and be super produced and don’t seem to consciously try to cop a particular genre.  These bands just play very emotively and hard…do what comes natural and do it to from the heart and honestly.  There’s no pretentiousness or self consciousness in it.  As someone who listens to a lot of self indulgent pretentious music (tool, slipknot, the previously noted MCR album, zappa, korn, etc…you get the picture) sometimes some good honest straight ahead music like Billy Talent or Jet or whatever is a real nice break.

Anyways this is probably my favorite non “metal” cd this year (so far).


2 comments so far

  1. Cheryl on

    I love billy talent they rock this cd is great

  2. Mason on

    i love your cd billy talent 2 its really good.your best song is fallen leaves

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