Geek Girls – oh how I loves ’em!

I kinda have a thing for geek girls…not sure why.  Nothing like a hot, smart girl, preferrably smarter than me (although that’s not all that difficult to achieve) who can give the good lovin’ AND fix my home network.  Mrrrooowwwwrrrr.  Even better if she can recommend the best graphics card and help me remove the spyware all the porn sites put on my computer at home.  I once dated a hottie programmer…the type you don’t actually see in real life that often but seem to be in huge supply in TV.  Tall, slim, pretty, and uber smart.
Now don’t get me wrong here…I’m not just about the geek girls.  I also much like the bad girls, the dirty girls, the good girls and the girls next door.  And of course the Riot girls and Suicide Girls (er…that last one there may not be safe for work…).  But todays post is about the geek girls, thanks to C-Net UK.  So for all the geek girls in my life, this is for you.

Tongue planted somewhat in cheek, C-net took advantage of the slow news of American Thanksgiving and posted an article on the top ten girl geeks of all time.   Now I followed the link expecting to see names of such luminaries as Amanda from RocketBoom and the hottie from Wierd Science and Tycho’s little cousin (from the Penny Arcade comic strip), but was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually for the most part they actually had world changing peoples.  If a little tongue in cheek.  And I actually learned something…I didn’t know that Darryl Hannah actually developed a couple board games.


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  1. Cage on

    Since you like intelligence in your brand of women please check out the lyrics to a Richard Thompson song called “The Hots for the Smarts”; more entertaining when he sings the song.

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