More comments, dammit!

So I notice that my blog gets comments from 5 different people.  Only 4 different people.  I get several unique visitors a day (it’s more than 5 by a long way, but still a tiny number as blog stats go.  But hey…there is no specific topic here and it is fairly new, and both of those excuses are compounded by my lackluster writing abilities)  and only 5 of em actually take the time to comment.  Those 5 are Duane, Tiffany, Rosie, Cage and Chris when I piss him off.  Now, maybe I haven’t touched any buttons on the rest of the people popping by, or maybe they’re just non-commentors.

So I’m running a little query here now.  I would like people who stop by to think about maybe dropping a line and maybe a link to their own website if they have one.  I’m curious who the other 50-60 people who visit each day are.    Help a brother out!


4 comments so far

  1. Duane on

    I’ve tried this approach too, but unfortunately “lurkers” usually remain “lurkers”. I have the same problem, and I’m at around 50-100 unique visitors a day.

  2. Rosie on

    Good luck! I have the same problem, too!!

  3. twitchy67 on

    same problem??? do you even have a blog????

  4. Stephen on

    If you want comments, end your post with a question. If you don’t want them, don’t. Generally not giving a crap works for some, but not until you have the traffic to support that.

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