Winter Wonderland

OK so I take back what I said about the snow being gone by noon…heck if it keeps snowing it will probably still be here tomorrow morning which will, of course, make for one uuuuugly monday morning commute. Since I generally walk that won’t affect me much, other than getting down the steep hill to the seabus terminal.

I went for a nice walk up to my favorite hottie run coffee shop, and it was excitingly beautiful out! Snow falling at a heavy rate, a nice soft blanket of white over everything, cars and drivers all looking completely panic’d and scared… I even saw a kid riding his skateboard thru the slush down the big Lonsdale hill; I thought to myself “that kid’s crazy…he’ll never make a shoe stop in this”. But he pulled off the road pretty quickly the first time a car passed him and soaked him with slush.

So…stupid-thing-I-already-knew-but-apparently-needed-to-relearn of the day: Flat sole skateboard shoes, slushy snow and hills equals slippy slidy twitchy. I dunno what I was thinking…i live on a freaking mountain, and it’s snowy, and I go for a walk up that mountain in my skate flats. Duhhh. The walk up was ok…it was coming back down that I had to do the soft shoe shuffle. I felt like an old man taking my little careful steps down the hill; still almost bailed once or twice.

Anyways, I took a couple of pics on my Nokia N-70.  One of the drawbacks of using a cell phone for a camera (even a good one like the N-70) is it tends to make everything appear a bit darker than it is.  So, imagine these pics only brighter:

The park near my apartment:


My street:


The very flat and somewhat worn tread on the “I’m a moron” shoes I wore:



3 comments so far

  1. Duane on

    Most cameras underexpose snow and sand. Don’t feel bad.

  2. […] Clay posted an article today talking about the snow, and how his camera tended to make everything look dark. What he didn’t realize is that his camera was actually doing what it was probably supposed to do. And here’s why. […]

  3. Cage on

    A beautiful wet snow to cling to the trees like that…I am missing central NY more and more as I look at your pictures of snow.

    It was 16 C the other day which was beautiful but we are not at all close to snow.

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