Britney shows her gooch (and society crumbles!)

So the Britney Upskirt is in the mainstream press now.  And ohhhh what a firestorm it’s created…

Four words… OMFG!@  Seriously people…she’s a young lady out on the town, got drunk, and flashed something better left unflashed.  No reason to vilify her already.  If you didn’t know she was a human before (and not necessarily the smartest one ever), it’s your own damn fault.   I was noodling around on various sites and my goodness!  The comments!  Seriously, how can you people be this upset over this???  You’d think she was hiding Osama Bin Laden or planning a gay marriage or asking for peace in Iraq or something!  Omg she got drunk, and poorly exited a vehicle with improper clothing.  You can see this virtually every friday night outside any bar in the free world.  Wednesday nights too, in Germany.  Get over it.  If you don’t like it, don’t look.  She’s human ffs.  Maybe not the ideal human, but whoever said she was?  Oh that’s right…you did.  Put someone on a pedestal, people, and they’ll probably have a hard time living up to your expectations.  Maybe (if you were really that petty and actually knew and disliked them) you could hate her for hanging with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan…or K-Fed…but this?

Some people freak out on anything “human” done by a celebrity; this is a major problem with north american culture.  It makes me think of Nipple Gate.  Janet Jackson shows a bit of boob from a quarter mile away and Jimmy-Joe-JimBob from Shitshoe Iowa is gonna ban his kid from ever watching the superbowl.  And sue the network.  And ask his uncle/dad to storm the bastille or something.   Then the network has to install a timer on future superbowl’s, and oh, btw, we should burn all her records and do our best to end her career.  Even tho it wasn’t even Janet’s doing, it was Britney’s cohort from the Mickey Mouse club, JT who did the clothing removal.

Hrmmm…makes me wonder…maybe it’s the Mickey Mouse Club that should have been banned.  Wasn’t Lindsay Lohan a mouseketeer too?  Oh my goodness!  I smell a conspiracy.  Goofy is a terrorist, insidiously destroying America’s values from the inside!!!   Nobody tell Bush, tho, or he’s liable to go “searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Orange County.   Or maybe it’s even more evil and hidden than that.  Maybe this is all part of the American Illuminati’s plans to destabilize the youth of today, creating minor anarchy and leading to more calls for the re-instatement of the draft.  Or something like that.  All these Mickey Mouse Club kids were secretly brainwashed to go off their nut just at the right time and do things that are (*GASP*) human thereby destroying the fantasies of a whole generation of youth, creating cynicism and apathy, making them easier to control.

Or maybe it’s just funny.  At the end of the day, Britney’s animal bits shouldn’t affect your way of life, people.  Get over it.  Oy.


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  1. Duane on

    Yeah I saw that photo too.. I agree. Who cares..

    What’s the website again? 😛

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