Cool little book app

So I was on Neil Gaiman’s  awesome blog and found this awesomely cool little  web app.  Basically you type in a book title and it gives you a list of books who’s owners definitely would NOT have the book you listed.  I found that most every book I entered ended up with a bunch of Christian books on the list, but also, oddly enough, John Grisham.  Funny thing about that is I own a few Grisham books…  Anyways the app is called Unsuggester, and it can be found here.  It’s nothing ground breaking but it’s a bit of fun if you have books.


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  1. tiffany on

    weird… the first thing i entered was mikhail lermontov becuase i am currently reading ‘a hero of our time’ and it came up that i would not own any anne rice / stephen king… which is funny, because i’m guilty of owning a few books by both?! hrmmm…

  2. kasia on

    Nice find, Clay! Thought you might enjoy this as well although it is, I admit, kinda geeky (but in a good way!?).

  3. twitchy67 on

    Kasia, that’s one of the coolest sites ever (next to this blog)! Even if some of the words are a bit abstuse. From it I learned today that my pecuniary situation is a bit of a catastrofuck.

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