I got tagged…

Blog tag’s been going around the net for a few weeks now.  I first noticed it on Jeff Pulver’s website a couple weeks before Christmas.  I was disappointed to see it never trucked down to me through the voip space, but I guess I haven’t written much in that topic for a while.  Jeff’s tag went thru a few layers and all the usual suspects hit in.

So Stephen tagged me  yesterday (what the heck you doing blogging on Christmas day man!@?).  The way it works is you put down 5 things people probably don’t know about you and then pass the tag on to 5 more people.  My biggest problem is that i don’t keep many secrets…heh.  Anyways…here are my five things:

  1. I once owned a karaoke company…made a boatload of money doing it too, all tax free.  Pissed it all away on…something…I don’t even know what.  😛  We did three regular shows a week and usually 2 nights on weekends for private functions.  Spent that whole time working my day job from 9 in the morning til done the karaoke shows at 2 AM (bar closing time at the time).  I had bags under my eyes.
  2. I don’t have a post secondary education (although, that one might be obvious to some hehe).
  3. I started music lessons on the family organ (no smartass comments…it’s a musical instrument) when I was 6 and continued keyboard instrument lessons up to 17.  I still play keyboard occasionally but I no longer play piano at a grade 8 conservatory level.
  4. I have an aboriginal north american sister, a japanese sister in law, an african sister in law to be, two pasty fish belly white brothers, a german mom and an english dad.  My bio parents were an east indian jew (  :O I didn’t even know there was such a thing!) and a dutch lady.  AND we grew up in central alberta, the most redneck place that doesn’t fall into the descriptor “deep south”.
  5. When I was 29 my hair was below my waist and all one length (no mullet here!  Well…except for a little while around 1989).  A few days after my 30th birthday I shaved my head and went with that for about 3 or 4 years.  Now I have good ol’ citizen hair.    I have absolutely zero pictures where you can see it…the ones I do have it’s all tied back so it looks short.

Ok so there’s my 5 things.  Now…who to tag…

Duane, Sylvain, Andrea, Kasia and Rosie:  You guys are it, even if some of your blogs are secret.  shhh.   Sorry, I just don’t know many other people who haven’t already been tagged…


3 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    I guess our hair lengths is something we have in common?!

  2. mel on

    wow, those are good ones! Mine are some lame. haha

  3. Tagged at The Hidden Rift on

    […] Clay tagged me the other day, which means I need to state five things about me that nobody really knows. So here goes. […]

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