The banned words list

The annual Lake Superior State University list of stupid overused words that deserve to die is out. Now, for the most part I find this year’s list a bit weak; there are plenty of other words that could also be served with death penalties. Where is “sweet”, “meh”, and “pimp”(although I think pimp might have been on last years list) heck, even “geek” has become misunderstood and overused. Anyways, enjoy, and add your own. Nobody’s allowed to ban “groovy” tho, cuz that’s my thing.


4 comments so far

  1. Cage on

    Not that I think it’s stupid and deserves to die but the word “ubiquitous” was entirely overused this past year.

  2. Duane on

    “hangover” was used a bit too much by me this last year.

  3. kasia on

    I’m not sure it’s technically overused, but I can’t help cringing every time I read the word “meme”. It’s so… I don’t know… flaky… and yet people using it think they’re being so smart. Ugh.

  4. twitchy67 on

    totally! yeah…i hate meme…i agree that people use it incorrectly and too much.

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