“I resolve to revolve and devolve and problem solve”

So 2006 ended and the new year starts today. As opposed to last year which begun with a fight, this year i began with a bit of a bang. Had a coffee with a friend during the day and then came home and totally cleaned my apartment. Spent a mellow evening with lots of munchies and good times and started new years day feeling pretty damn good. I’m looking forward to this year; last year was all in all pretty “meh”, and started and ended very poorly. I’m hoping the start to this year is a vision of things to come.

So…my resolutions for the year. I don’t often have solid resolutions at the start of a year, but this year I have a few:

  1. Stop Smoking. The big one…I’ve got the book, got a deck and a half left. Gotta finish the book before I finish the second deck 🙂 I know several people who read Allan Carr’s book and quit smoking…I wasn’t one of them, I think mainly cuz I wasn’t ready. Well, now I am. So we’ll see how it goes this time. Shit…I’ve quit so many times I must be getting good at it 😛
  2. A two parter:

    A: Get more excercise. We have a gym in the office , and I live up the side of a freaking mountain…I should be BUFF baby, buff! So I’m gonna try and hit the work gym a few times a work and do the brisk walks to and from work

    B: Re-focus on my diet. 6Months ago I was pretty conscious of my fat intake and eating healthy. Somewhere along the way I forgot that, and fell back into the fast food meals and chips and dip. I worked pretty hard over the previous two years to get my cholesterol down to a level that wouldn’t kill me, and if I keep on the track i’ve been on the past few months it’s gonna be right back up there.

  3. Due to some changes in my view on certain things, I don’t know that my goal of buying myself a house for my 40th birthday is going to happen, but I am going to clear my debt load this year. It’s not a small debt load, so it’s going to take a bit of discipline, especially in light of certain changes in my situation, but it’s do-able.

So there u go…my resolutions, and they’re actually on paper which forces me to honor them or face the wrath of rosie for still smoking. Not to mention the snickers from co-workers who read this. Well, I guess they aren’t on paper per se, but they are on record now. And soon they’ll be on paper all over my apartment so I don’t lose sight of them. So there.

I think this is possibly the first year i’ve put solid resolutions down, ones that are real attainable goals and will make a difference in my life. I look forward to having them all completed in the first calendar quarter…the debt one will be the hardest to attain in that time.


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  1. purplegables on

    Way to go, Clay! Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things you will ever do… ever! Trust me, I know. So if you get a craving (or an itchy nose, whatever), feel free to come over for some moral support! And, if you have a chance (before Jan 14th..) go to Body Worlds at the Science Centre – there is a pair of plasticized smoky lungs there that is full of inspiration. Really. Go you!

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