WordPress ate my post!!!

So I wrote this brilliant post about IM communications.  I mean, this was a fabulous post…full of insight and amazing observations, and was bound to bring me fame and power in the blog-0-sphere.  The money and notoriety it would have brought me is almost uncountable!  I went to post it and I get a message that “Server Maintenance Underway – wait 5 minutes then hit refresh on your browser and it will be posted as normal” or something along those lines.  So I wait five minutes and hit refresh…nothing happens.  I wait like an hour and hit refresh…nothing happens.  Of course I didn’t copy or save it so it’s completely gone now.  And due to a certain amount of brain cell killing hobbies in the 80’s and 90’s my short term memory is not so good…so of course I can’t re-write it.  After a while I went back to wordpress and my page was there, so I go to write post, and YAY! it saved it in my drafts!  My dreams of money and fame are rekindled!  Of course I click on the draft and it’s only the first line 😦  .

So, anyways, you people have no idea what brilliance you’ll never see now…  never fear tho, cuz my brilliance is self replicating.  Plus, I still like wordpress.


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