Wow…sad…and incredibly anger-generating

Vancouver Province is pretty much a cheesebag newspaper… They delight in making the controversial big news and getting a rise out of people.   Today they did it again, starting off with a bunch of articles about how shitty people can be.  The first page of the paper today…3 articles:

1: “Savage attacks on three women”  Some loser is following women getting off the 29th ave skytrain station, hitting them with a tire iron and stealing their purses.  This guy is such a cowardly piece of shit, he SNEAKS UP behind single women, and hits them with a freaking weapon!   Wastes of skin like this are a good argument for culling the herd…can’t wait til they put this waste of my air in jail and he gets some sweet luvin from big bubba. Loser.

2:  “89 Year old assaulted in own home”:  this loser steals an old lady’s wallet, then goes to her house saying he found the wallet and wants to return it.  He forces his way in, beats the crap out of her and coerces her into giving her ATM P.I.N. number.  She ends up unable to move and is found several hours later by family arriving to take her to dinner.  This guy is at least as big a loser as the previous guy.

3: “Groper victims found”:  Since January last year, some piece of shit has assaulted 27 women in Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam.  He runs up behind them and gropes them then runs off.  Now, this guy has not yet gotten physically harmful, but creeps like this generally escalate.  Plus, to me that seems like a horrible violation of someone’s space and freedom.  I can’t wait til he grabs the wrong girl and she de-nut’s him and kicks the crap out of him.  That will be sweet.

Seriously…wtf is wrong with people???  It’s distressing to me that people even COULD grow up to be this lame and cowardly.


2 comments so far

  1. tiffany on

    i would LOVE to kick the crap out of all 3 of those freaks. and could. and would. and should. grrrr.

  2. Duane on

    Yeah, I have a growing list of guys that need an ass kicking.. We can add them to the list.

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