Had to buy rubbers cuz I had a date…textured, even

…toe rubbers that is. Friday I was wearing a suit to work as we had some VIP’s coming by and had my fancy dress shoes on. The weather report said a bit of snow in the morning but it was getting up to 8 degrees and sunny in the afternoon so it should all just vanish. Wellllll not so. It snowed all day. I was going for a walk for lunch and was inside the little mall below us when I stepped on some water and lost all traction. I recovered fine, and promptly stepped in some more water and slipped again. It must have been funny to watch.

My dress shoes are, as good dress shoes often are, completely tread free. So when it gets slippy, it gets super slippy in those. So I figured I needed to go buy some toe rubbers, as I had a date that evening and would be doing some walking in the still snowy streets. I had to make a call as to what would be more embarassing…wiping out onto my ass or wearing toe rubbers. I mean, seriously, my grandpa wore toe rubbers. So I went with the old-guy footwear accesories. They have little texture on the bottom for grip, and are full covering rubbers. So they aren’t quite as embarassing as my grampa’s rubbers… they just look like cheap shoes.

So now I have my geeky “shoephylactics” and i can have safe steps when it starts getting wet and slippery. BAHHAHAHAHA!


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  1. Rosie on


  2. Cage on

    So when you got to the restaurant, did you remove the rubbers? If you did, where did you put them (checked them with your coat)?

    I didn’t know people still wore those.

  3. Duane on

    I heard they had a sale of leisure suits down on Hastings if you’re interested.

  4. twitchy67 on

    Nah not so much into the leisure suits but I was looking at a sweet john deere ball cap and some support socks over at the Army ‘n Navy. I also found some pants that buckle up at rib height, which is about perfect.

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