The good, the bad, and the ugly – my weekend ;)

The Good:

1: I had said in my New Years’ resolution blog that I’d be quit smoking by the 15th. Well, today is the 15th and it’s day 3 without a cigarette. It hasn’t been especially difficult other than the odd moment where I get a massive urge to light one up…usually at habit periods. I am a little bit wound up, and I’ve been coughing out an unpleasant morass of shit occasionally. I’ll be really happy when I hit week 1 and consider it a success on day 21. The cravings are not so bad, the Allen Carr book is really good at minimizing them. It’s the habit I’m having the hardest time with.

2: Had a very nice evening with Ruth on Saturday; she came over and we just ate some pizza and ice cream and talked for a while. It’s rare and cool to have this kind of natural easy comfort with someone I really don’t know all that well yet, and I’m enjoying it alot. It’s nice to really connect with someone in this way, and she is a total sweetheart. Great kisser too… ๐Ÿ˜›

The Bad:

1: My friend Kelli invited me out Friday to a jam night at some club in whalley. Whalley…where the best part of any night is ending it without a knife wound and still having all your windows and wheels on your car. Kelli is an amazing blues singer that I know thru her MySpace and although we have chatted alot on IM we had never met in person. I went out to New West and picked her up and we went to Surrey. So what’s the bad here? Well, nothing major, except it turned out not being a jam that night as they had some bigger name guys doing a set. They were amazingly good, btw… it was Tim Hearsy, who’s kind of well known in the local blues scene, Rick from the house band and the house band bass player, and the drummer from the 70’s/80’s band Chilliwack. I gotta say Rick had amazing tone and was probably one of the best overall guitar players i’ve heard in years…I’m almost glad it wasn’t a jam, cuz I woulda felt kinda noob with that band.

Whalley is an interesting place. The high light of the night for me was when I was in the smoking room and some junkie opened is coat and all surreptitiously like tried to sell me a hot shower curtain ring. At least I think that’s what it was, a package of chrome shower curtain rings. I was like…uhhh thanks, dude, but no thanks. Anyways Kelli got uber drunk and I left around midnight for the long drive home. I guess there’s nothing really bad about the whole night except the lack of jam session.

2: Yesterday, I went to turn on my home computer and alarms started going off. It appears my CPU fan is toast. So that’s bad… Then this morning on my way to work my headphone cable got caught on the turnstiles at the seabus terminal and ended up breaking my headphones. I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t my 150 dollar panasonics. Sigh.


1: Saturday afternoon I was getting ready for my date and I had my cell phone sitting on the bathroom counter. The cat decided to jump into the tub and start scratching, something he very rarely does but has the unfortunate effect of pushing my annoying-sound-button very hard. So i went to grab him…phone catches in my shirt sleeve, floats the 2 feet to just over the toilet and picks that spot to fall out. Directly into the shitter! Now my toilet is clean, but…jeebus! I reach in and grab it like instantly, but of course the damage is probably done. I instantly take it all apart and commence the drying process.

I left the phone in pieces and hanging to dry for about 4 hours…put the battery back in and tried to boot it up…nothing. So I left it some more, spent my time with Ruth and pretty much forgot about it for the time being. Yesterday morning I put the battery back in again and lo and behold! it worked. So I thru it on the charger and called it to make sure the mic worked etc. It seems fine for calls, but in the menu the up/down keys don’t work. Everything else seems fine, except the up down on the central control key. Which of course sucks cuz that’s how u do virtually everything. So I can make a call, but other than that my 500 dollar smart phone is toast. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s ugly.

2:ย  One of the joys of quitting smoking is your body healing itself.ย  I’ve had a couple days now of coughing up some rather interesting bits, the results of 20 years of ash in my lungs.ย  I imagine this coughing bit will get worse before it gets better.ย  But it’s worth it.

So, all in all this weekend was fabulous physically and emotionally, but sucked ass mechanically. I’m a non smoker (presently coughing up 20 years of pollution), had an awesome date and saw a pretty good band, but pretty much broke everything of value that i use on a daily basis. And had to go to Whalley.


4 comments so far

  1. purplegables on

    Keep it up, Clay (the non-smoking, I mean…) – you can do it! Pretty poopy about your phone, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cage on

    Congratulations on not smoking. I’m sure this would be the equivalent of me not eating. Hang in there Clay.

  3. Kelli on

    Hey i wasn’t uber drunk.I was pleasantly pissed!!

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ the drummer from Chilliwack’s name is Jerry Adolphe. Fabulous musician.

    Anyhoo..we’ll have to REDO that again..only this time i’ll call ahead and make sure it’s a Jam Jam..not a frickin concert.

    YOU SMOKED BY THE WAY! yer fired!~

  4. twitchy67 on

    LOL…those were the last cigarettes I had tho… ๐Ÿ˜› can I be re-hired?

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