The Phone is dead! Long live the phone!

Well, so after several hours of surgery and a day of hope that it made it thru, at 3:10 PM yesterday my Nokia N-70 succumbed to injuries sustained in the infamous toilet incident. It was turning on fine, and all the menus worked even if the up down button was toast, but when Ruth called me yesterday I answered the phone and it went straight to VM. I called her back from my work phone, but even though we had a nice chat, part of me was mourning the death of my Nokia. I took it home and noodled around with it a bit, but alas, in the end I had to lay it to rest. I would take it in for repairs, but I worked in that world and I know that as soon as they see the little water diode thingy all colored up they’ll say “sure…it will cost you x hundred bux tho…water damaged… ”

So I had to pull the old Ericsson z600 out of retirement for my personal phone. Being an old Nokia guy from way back, SonyEricsson phones just piss me off. They aren’t well built, aren’t super intuitive, have weak assed antennae and…well, they’re SonyEricsson. Come on Moto…build an unlocked GSM Q I can buy!!! Or maybe I should go back to the Chinese cell phone shop and buy a Nokia N-93… just…soooo much money… 😦


3 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    Or get an iPhone!! YEEEEAH!

  2. twitchy67 on

    Pfft…I predict the iPhone will pretty much end the apple mystique…it’s got soooo many contentious bits to it…it’s cool, but not 600 bux cool.

  3. Duane on

    Phones suck. Replacing mine last time cost me $400.

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