It’s only a penny, but still irks me

It’s the principle of it, I’m sure.  See our sales tax got lowered several months ago.  What this means is that the newspaper, which used to be .75 cents is now .74 cents.  I buy the paper every day, so I know.  So there’s a little news stand below the office here, a little kinda business tower convenience store called News Plus.  It drives me nuts that he charges .75 cents for the paper every day.  It’s not the penny, seriously, I could care less.  Matter of fact if he gave me the penny, I’d just dump it into the “leave a penny” tub on the counter of every convenience store in the world.  No, it’s not the monetary value at all.

It’s the fact that he doesn’t ring it in and is totally scamming the government with his sales.  Plus scamming several hundred people a day out of 1 penny.  Seriously, is it that hard to actually be a bit ethical and ring stuff in and pay your damn taxes and give the proper change?  I know, the argument could be made that he’s a small business trying to make it work, a squirrel trying to get a nut.  But, dammit, so am I!  That penny could be the difference between a dirty french fry or a steak someday!  I mean enough of them.  I’m gonna give away 3 bux a year to this guy.  I even mentioned this to him, and he feigned ignorance of the language, which bugs me even more.

And then, the final straw that’s convinced me to take my convenience dollar elsewhere…if u use interac to purchase from him he charges an extra .75 cents!  Come on!!!  I’m service charged up the ass already.   Oy!


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  1. Rosie on

    With all those pennies he’s not charging, they become dollars kept for himself!

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