Tomorrow at about 11:30 PM

…will be a complete week without smoking. It’s been easier than I thought it would be and yet harder than I ever imagined, if that makes sense. I have these moments where my mind tells me I should be smoking, and it puts me on edge. It takes about 10 minutes for that feeling of needing one to go away, but the edginess stays for like 2 hours. And then the next urge hits and it magnifies a bit. About the only time I’m cool with it is first thing in the morning. I’m usually good until about 8 AM (I get up at 4:30 AM so that’s not too bad). It has been making me a bit uptight about things, but I don’t think out of control or anything. I’m not cranky or grumpy as some people get. Or maybe I am and just don’t see it.

A lot of things are stressing me out outside of the smoking right now as well, and that’s making it difficult. I’m actually in a period of major upshift with certain things, and it seems to be putting a bit of pressure on me. It’s not bad stuff, but it sure is making the not smoking bit somewhat harder.

But…when it gets difficult, I think of a couple things. First off…the health. It hasn’t taken long for my energy to increase a fair bit. The walk up the hill after work has been substantially quicker and lest pant-inducing than normal, and i’ve got alot more jump in my step in general. I’m coughing up a mess of garbage, and whenever I see that it’s quite a good incentive as well. Seeing whats coming out makes me a bit disgusted at what went in. Secondly…the money. In my quest to destroy my debt load, the extra 250 bux a month I save from not smoking will be beneficial for that. Plus, more money to spend on nice dinners with a special cutie. πŸ˜‰

The other major change I’ve made is I’m bringing lunch every day rather than buying it. This does two things for me. Of course the obvious is the 10 bux a day I save…that’s important. But even more importantly it forces me to eat healthier. Sure, I can go to the salad loop 3 days out of 5 at work, but those other two days it’s very possible that i’ll end up at A&W or MacDonald’s or even Subway which isnt overly healthy either (at least not the sub I prefer…the BMT). As I blogged in my new years resolutions post, I am being very conscious of fat intake, and that’s a big change as well. Not as hard as the quitting smoking of course, but…well it’s alot of change. πŸ™‚

Er…there’s no real point to this post other than I needed to write so i wouldn’t go hunt down a smoker.


4 comments so far

  1. Rosie on

    Is keeping track of your days of not smoking as satisfying as seeing your Savings account $$$ go up?? I find having some visual of progress made helps a lot. Keep up the good work!

  2. Duane on

    Good for you buddy. Keep up the good work. If you make it to a month, I’ll lend you 24 season 1.

  3. twitchy67 on

    Lol…uh…gee thanks dude. 9 days so far…

  4. Duane on

    Man, I’ve been demoted from brain. How humiliating.

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