Trackbacks and other notes from blogland

So Duane made a pretty cool post on trackbacks and used me as an example. I’m thinking he used me cuz he knew i’d track him back to help demonstrate his words in action. So I’m tracking him back. Now those of you who came here from his post (both of you) can go back and see the trackback etc etc. I also linked him, as you can see.

Trackbacks are one of the myriad of ways that the power of blogs can be utilized. As a communications tool, a community development tool, a news dissemination device, or just a way for your friends and family back east to keep track of your life, blogging has become a key part of our culture. It’s a very viral way to spread an idea and utilizing tools such as trackbacks, diggs and others can really expand your reach.

The dark side is PPB or pay per blog. I don’t really have a problem with click thru advertising, it’s something i can either ignore or not ignore. If a site is so poorly made that it’s annoying to visit, I just won’t go there, otherwise i just deal with it. But one thing that for some wierd hippy reason really puts my shorts in a twist is companies that pay a blogger to post about their product or service. My buddy Stephen, who by the way does make his living and a pretty fine one at that thru click thru advertising and webonomics, put up this post yesterday, and it really kinda made me uncomfortable. I don’t know if I can directly explain why this bugs me, but it has to do with the sanctity of free association writing I guess. I don’t mind advertisements…i can ignore them or not. But posting an ad… I just…don’t want to go to a personal site and see a post, get excited, and then find out it’s just whoring some crap. Stephen and I have had vaguely similar disagreements in the past and we’ll probably never see eye to eye completely on ways to make money. I guess it tells you something that for all my talk of “integrity”, I’m drowning in a sea of debt and he’s talking about going to Hawaii… I think…unless he’s just whoring that Hawaiin company…


4 comments so far

  1. kasia on

    Yeah, I can see how that would give you an icky feeling. At least he did it with full disclosure. It would be so much worse if he was being paid and not saying anything.

  2. Duane on

    But… you didn’t track me back.. you have to include a href element linking to the trackback URL.

  3. twitchy67 on

    I did tho!! wtf…there’s a “send a track back blah blah blah” place in the write post section…

  4. Rosie on

    I’ve never done the trackback thing…I’m not quite sure I get it!

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