Oops…the CFL Challenge-Doing a bit for climate change

I’m so far behind in blog-o-rama…oh well; the joys of holidays ๐Ÿ™‚ (more on the funny road names outside of chilliwack in a later post…)

Anyways, a few days ago Duane decided to start up the CFL challenge. As we’ve recently been informed, it appears there’s an 85% possibility that global warming has indeed been caused by humans. It’s obvious that we as a society need to be more cognizant of the damage we do to our planet. As I wrote in this post a while back, it could be as easy as not having standard lightbulbs available. Well Duane has taken it one step further and actually instituted a challenge. Basically the idea is that we all switch our current lightbulbs to CFL bulbs. And take pics to prove it. Now, I generally only use CFL’s cuz they last longer and being a short guy with an irrational fear of standing on ladders or chairs, I hate changing them. I said that earlier. I don’t have a camera, so my pics will be light hehe.

So I’m going to take the challenge one step further. I’m going to set it up like blog tag, and send my challenge to specific peoples. Since Kasia and Duane are already involved, I’m gonna have to pick 5 other people. So: Stephen Fung, Andrea, Rosie, Ruth (with your secret blogs ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), Jeff Pulver, Andy Abramson and (taking a longshot that he’ll actually ever see this) Wil Wheaton (who by the way wrote a great post a little while back about climate troubles)…you guys are up.ย  I know u folks in California may soon have only CFL’s available anyways, but post the challenge!ย  Post it, blog it, take pics if u can. And spread the challenge to at least 5 others! Yes I know I put down more than 5, but I wanted to spread it out a bit between personal, industry and just good reads. If we all do a little thing maybe we can make a difference.

So good call Duane!


7 comments so far

  1. Duane on

    Dude, that snap thing sucks ass. It comes up way too often.

    Thanks for passing the challenge on. I’d love to see some of those guys you mentioned change a few light bulbs. Wil can just beam his replacements in using the shelf-to-roof transporter.

  2. Jeff Pulver on

    well I would play along if I wasn’t the one who started this version of the game back on Dec 10th…hope all is well…jeff

  3. wil on

    I switched out an incandescent bulb in my kitchen with a compact fluorescent bulb yesterday, and I’m picking up another seven CF bulbs today to replace the remaning ones in that room, as well as all the incandescents in my dining room.

    It was hard to find CF bulbs that gave the light I liked, but I finally settled on 75 watt equivalent “soft white” bulbs from n:vision. I’m really happy with them; I don’t feel like I’m sitting underneath hideous yellow fluorescent light at all.

  4. Duane on

    Hey Wil,

    Post the photos in my flickr group if you have time, or forward them to me and I’ll post them on your behalf.


  5. twitchy67 on

    Wil, thanks for commenting, nice to know that you take time from your busy schedule to read some unknown blogs. Likewise Jeff.

  6. Duane on

    Actually, we’re still not sure Jeff read it right?

  7. twitchy67 on

    Well, we’re pretty sure Jeff didn’t actually read it, and just saw his name so he came to take credit for the whole idea. But I was being nice ๐Ÿ˜›

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