Comments to comments on my Vacation ending post:

Cuz is broken…

Kasia:  Seriously, how does anyone get so nice?  You are one of those rare few reasons for people to look forward to coming to work every morning.

Duane:  Memories of Sodomy huh?  Uh…right then…ok now I gotta move on.

Shannon:  Well, none of the work was essentially hard, except maybe the cleanup aftewards and even that wasn’t all that hard, but I SOOOOO appreciated your help and advice.  I should note that I blogged it as a moderate success, but that was my view of it (speaking specifically of the dinner here); Ruth said she really liked it all.  Now, that could just be her being nice, but as we both know she doesn’t play that way usually, so I’m gonna have to run with she genuinely thought it was good.  😛


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