OK WordPress people, NOW wtf???

I can’t comment on my own blog? Since when does this make sense to anyone with a brain?? Seriously…what the hell? And now it gets even worse! I’m trying to post some comments, and it’s editing it something fierce on the page.  When I come into the edit page here it shows my whole post, but what you guys are seeing is like 1/3 of it.  Is it time to leave wordpress?  I mean, seriously if I can’t even make a post show up as I wrote it, that pisses me off something fierce.


2 comments so far

  1. twitchy67 on

    ok i’m a bonehead…somehow Akismet was grabbing my comments as spam. Heh. Sorry wordpress, I still like you as much as i ever did.

  2. Stephen on

    May I recommend that you strongly consider hosting it yourself? Then you can have a funky cool domain, a charismatic twitchy@yourdomain.com email, and an instant traffic boost.

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